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5 Ways to Avoid Student Loan Debt

Let’s have a moment of real talk real quick. Student debt is absolutely crippling young people in this country. Up-and-coming members of the workforce suffer from massive amounts of debt that will keep them from truly relaxing for decades upon graduation—constantly struggling and worrying about making that next payment. What’s worse – while a chapter… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy is one of the most negative life-altering events you can experience. For teens, the consequences of filing for bankruptcy can last well into early adulthood. Not exactly the best way to start your future. Below, there are five ways to avoid bankruptcy. They will help. Live on a Budget Budgets are super easy!… Continue Reading

Writing a Resume in 2017

Writing a resume is a critical life skill. Even if you don’t quite fit the job requirements, a good resume can get you hired, while a poor resume won’t get you more than a first glance. As the business world evolves, so do standards of resume writing. Below are a few key tips for writing… Continue Reading

How to Make Money as a Teenager!

So your allowance (if you get one) is not enough and you want to make more money. Don’t we all? While some of you can’t work yet until you hit a certain age, there are still other ways to get some extra cash. Read my wonderful list to see what kinds of jobs you can… Continue Reading