5 Fast Facts about actor Adrian Dev

5 Fast Facts about actor Adrian Dev

Actor Adrian Dev is an example of how perseverence can reap rewards. Adrian, who started his career as a PA and a stand-in, is appearing in a breakout role as Red Fire Rouran in Disney’s Mulan being released in March 2020. While this is his biggest movie yet, Adrian has also had recurring roles on HBO’s Westworld, CBS’ Seal Team, Netflix’s Medal Of Honor, VICE, Laugh Mobb and more. It just goes to show that starting small can definitely lead to much bigger things.

His recent endeavors have gained him the opportunity to present 2 years in a row at the National Film and TV Awards as well as receive an award for outstanding performance.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Adrian!

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He’s got some great showbiz moments he’s fond of.

When Christopher Nolan came and visited on the set of season 2 of Westworld, as a Dark Knight fan, that was pretty epic. But honestly there’s a bunch. Speaking of Westworld there was a day on set where both me and Anthony Hopkins showed up on set in a Hawaiian shirt and ball cap and both ended up at breakfast at the same time, and it tripped everyone out! I’ve loved everything about film and television since I was a child so anytime I get to be on set doing what I love is a great time for me.

And others he’s NOT so fond of.

That weird moment people talk about a movie and others pretend to have seen it or know what scene they are talking about even though they clearly don’t — that, and egos. It’s easy to get caught up in the Hollywood scene and forget why you even got into the industry in the first place. Some people just get too caught up in themselves. You gotta remember that you are no better than the person next to you

His embarrassments don’t shame him.

You can’t really get embarrassed if you have no shame. Nothing worse than falling down on the red carpet at a premiere. Other than the time I walked into class in high school with no pants on and had to lie and say my friend stole them just so I wouldn’t get in even worse trouble while I was at Clements High School in Sugarland, Texas. The craziest thing is I just had that friend over for Thanksgiving after being out of touch for over a decade. Something more embarrassing is bound to happen soon enough though I’m sure.

He’s been a bit of a nomad.

I grew up all over the place city-hopping because of my father’s work and lived in Houston, Chicago, and New Jersey/New York and honestly I’m a city boy to my core. It helps me draw a lot into my acting being exposed to so many different types of people. Also, I was in orchestra and choir as a kid.

He won’t eat one specific food — and neither will we!

That’s easy….Shirako….it sounds like it could be any Japanese fish at a sushi spot…but trust me….it’s not….and when you find out what it is you might get nauseous just thinking about it. I didn’t know until it was too late, and I’m obviously still scarred. [We looked it up. Yeah–we’ll pass – TWK]

Selfie! (on set)

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