5 Fast Facts about actress Bella Rose

Bella Rose is a tween Aussie actress who has booked over 70 film, TV and theater roles – including children’s TV, short films, indie films and community theater. Bella’s latest project is a lead role in medieval feature film ‘Magdala Rose’ which premieres in November 2019. She has been nominated as Best Supporting Actress by the Australian Screen Industry Network for this role which included green screen work, stunt work on ropes, horse riding, working with an Australian reality TV star and filming in spectacular locations in South East Queensland that looked like France but occasionally required filming to pause whilst Kangaroos moved out of shot!

Here are 5 fast facts about Bella Rose!

bella rose1
Photo by Carrie Mcleod.

She shared a special showbiz moment with her grandma.

In 2017 I won a Best Supporting Actress award from the Griffith University Film School, but the most special part of this was that I had invited my Grandma who is my biggest supporter, to the film screening and showcase event, it was the first time she had seen me on a big cinema screen and was there with me to share the celebrations of my first ever acting award.

She got star struck – by a HORSE.

In my latest film one of my co-stars was a beautiful white horse named Crystal, and she is a “horse actress” with a bigger resume than mine. She has been in TV Shows and commercials, and was a performer at the Australian Outback Spectacular, which is an amazing equestrian show on the Gold Coast in Queensland. With the help of her handler, Crystal rehearsed her moves and then did exactly what was required of her in the scene — it was the best filming day of the whole movie.

She had a cringey moment with a boy — and doubled-down with extra cringe!

I was at the train station and, after months of building courage, I waved to this boy I had met a few times at acting workshops. BUT he didn’t wave back; he didn’t even seem to recognize me. And then things got much more embarrassing, because when he didn’t wave back my acting training kicked in and I started a ridiculous impromptu mime act responding to him waving back. Sooo embarassing. Mum said he probably didn’t see my face under the school hat. I don’t think I will be waving to any boys ever again.

She is a STEM star.

My favorite subjects at school are math and computer programming, and I have represented my school and state at a national robotics competition where I designed, built and programmed a robot.

The one food she refuses to eat is _______________.

Tomatoes, but I love ketchup.

bella rose2
Bella chilling in the backyard with her poodle Roco.

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