5 Fast Facts about actress & model Kaitlyn Kaylee Brown

Kaitlyn Kaylee Brown is an actress and model with a significant follower count on Instagram where she frequently collabs with other teen celebrities such as Jenae Altschwager, Jennifer Michele, Owen Atlas, Ayden Mekus and many others. 

Kaitlyn has written two feature films, one of which is titled “I’m Coming To Get You” with a budget of $100,000 which Kaitlyn raised on her own. The other feature film, called “The Callback” is currently being filmed and should be released by the end of 2024.

She was also an associate producer on a film called “Quiet” written by Joshua Daly and featured Nicole Adeyemi and played the role of Tori on the podcast “Deadbeats Inc.,” available on all streaming platforms.

Kaitlyn has walked in numerous fashion shows including NYFW 2023 at Gotham Hall for Elena Collection. Outside of modeling you will find her in ripped jeans and a t-shirt or crop top!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Kaitlyn!

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Your first impression of her might be deceiving.

My manager once said I remind her of Janet Jackson because I’m super quiet and reserved but on a film or photography set I open up and become a “get ‘er done” type of person. 

She’s not ready for a boyfriend.

Actually people always ask me this, and they give me a weird look when I say “I’m 17 and never been kissed,” so nope no boyfriend ever in life. I get asked out a lot by guys, especially really famous young guys (not mentioning names) but I say no because Im focused on my education and career. I want to help my family and it will only happen if I’m focused. 

When not working she loves:

Traveling. I gained that love from my mom. Ever since I can remember she always took me places and we did things together with my sister Jazmyne. 

She’s open to all sorts of fashion.

Actually, I love all clothing, styles and looks. It’s really hard to narrow it down to one, especially since I firmly believe its not the name brand you’re wearing that makes you– its what’s inside of you that makes you. 

She’s learned that ‘the show must go on’ the hard way!

Kaitlyn had to walk 8 blocks in high heels to her runway show (due to parking in Los Angeles) but she still walked for the show despite her feet hurting. Kaitlyn learned her lesson: to always bring flip flops. 

Selfie time!

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