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5 Fast Facts about Clawdeena

Starting at the age of 10 years old, Clawdeena began her content creation journey on YouTube by uploading stop motion animation stories as a way to cope with the anxiety and stress that came with being bullied at school. By the age of 14, Clawdeena came out as gay, and shifted her content from toys and animation to makeup and fashion through the art of drag.

In 2016, Clawdeena uploaded a makeup transformation with her mom, intending to bring awareness of her mother’s Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. The video went viral, gaining the mother/daughter duo notoriety from shows like The Doctors, catapulting Clawdeena’s career in the beauty industry. As her platform(s) grew, Clawdeena’s depression & anxiety still lingered, which has prompted her to be vocal about her own struggles with mental health, and healthy ways of coping with her fans.

In 2018, Clawdeena starred in the Bunim & Murray productions series “Growing up is a drag” which led to her LGBTQ+ advocacy at events like PlayList Live, Snapchat Summit, RuPauls DragCon, NYC Pride and even school assemblies. Today, she is known for her vibrant, fashion-forward, vapor-wave aesthetic, and giant heart. Strutting in 6 inch heels, colorful wigs, and fierce makeup, Clawdeena dares to challenge stereotypes with her fashion doll content across social media.

Let’s discover 5 fast facts about Clawdeena!

Clawdeena Featured

Clawdeena literally walked on water!

Definitely getting to strut on a barge in the middle of the Hudson River for the Shawn Mendes ‘Youth’ music video! I’ve done some pretty cool things in my lifetime but how many people get to say they walked on water?!

Clawdeena has a great message for Clawdeena’s younger self:

When I think of myself in 6th grade I want to give him a big hug, comb through his hair with my hands, and tell him everything will be okay. That 6th grader was so bold and strong that he got me where I am today so I’m not sure I’d want to go back and tell him anything because I’m proud of who I am now. Though I guess I’d tell him “it’s because of you, that I know I’ll always have someone to depend on. I carry you everywhere I go and that gives me the strength to keep going”

Clawdeena’s fans are awesome and kind.

Don’t get me started on how kind people have been! I call my “fans” the ‘clawmunity cult’ because we’re more like a friend group with similar interests than a fanbase. I think the nicest messages I’ve ever received have been from them. I did a live stream recently and I was admittedly getting overwhelmed with a few of the troll comments, one of our ‘clawmunity’ members messaged me privately that they felt I seemed stressed and that they really appreciate me doing live streams because of how much joy it brings them. I remembered them from a ton of my streams and I thought it was so impactful that they shared the gift of their empathy and gratitude to combat any negativity that was coming my way.

Monster High fans would be amazed at Clawdeena’s collection!

I think people will be shocked to find out which Monster High items I own that aren’t dolls in my collection and how much I’ve spent on them! Any doll fan will be excited to get an inside look at some of my unreleased prototypes and store displays with the unique way I’ve decided to display them.

One food which is off the menu is:

My mom LOVED to cook growing up so there’s very little I won’t eat. I’d probably eat any and every dish, but there’s certain ingredients I wouldn’t eat by itself. Like cottage cheese? Sooo not my thing!

* Can we please get a selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans? : )

Clawdeena Selfie

Editing my YouTube video breaking down The Barbie Movie trailer!

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