5 Fast Facts about Country Pop Trio Auburn Road

The fun, talented, energetic and fast-rising Sacramento-based country pop trio Auburn Road is made up of the powerful vocals of Kristen Brown, Alicia Paulson and Paxton Martin. In March they released their newest single ‘Warning’ and just debuted their first music video for the single on May 8 (scroll to bottom to watch). Their voices blend beautifully to deliver stunning harmonies on this new song that dives headfirst into the very relatable heartbreak that comes with seeing your ex-love with someone new for the first time. With a girlfriend-tell-all style and fearless female songwriting approach, their contagious personalities and unmatchable harmonies- Auburn Road is poised to take country music by storm.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Auburn Road!

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They have gotten on the radar of some pretty big names.

Alicia – Years ago we performed at the ‘Divas Simply Singing’ charity event hosted by Sheryl Lee Ralph. We performed our rendition of “Gospel Medley” by Destiny’s Child. It went over really well, we got a standing ovation, but the best part was that Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child was actually in the audience watching us perform their song! Not many people get an opportunity like that and it’s something we’ll never forget!

Pax – Speaking of charity events, one of my favorite show biz moments was at the Face Forward Gala last year. We had the opportunity to sing at that event with some other amazing acts like Sonna, Major, and CeeLo Green. CeeLo actually invited us on stage to sing “Forget You” with him. It was a crazy experience because we were not only sharing a stage with an incredible artist but we were singing and dancing to a song that we grew up performing. We would sing the clean version at our local performance class shows at 10/11 years old. It was like life came full circle at that moment, it was very special time.

Kristen almost gave fans a bigger eyeful than she would have liked.

Kristen – The ultimate of all wardrobe malfunctions happened when we opened for Rascal Flatts. Literally in the middle of the first song in our set my halter top BREAKS. It was held together by a chain…that was my first mistake lol. But I ended up catching it in time to cover what needed to be covered and get off the  stage to put on one of our band members leather jackets. All while singing the song, my heart was racing a million miles a minute. But I wouldn’t redo any of it. Even though I didn’t feel it at the time, what a funny story!! It could have been way worse. By the grace of God and fast reflexes, we remained a family show that day haha!

They have certain personal things they would like to improve upon.

Alicia – Recently I’ve been learning about mindfulness and meditation. I’m reading a book that teaches a certain meditation technique called “Vipassana” and I’m excited to continue to work on it. With everything going on right now it’s easy to let your mental health fall on the back burner, so I’m doing my best to use this time to improve on that!

Pax : I won’t lie, I’m a big stress case 90% of the time. I worry about just about everything even if it’s not possible. I used to leave time in my morning routine to allow myself to stress lol. That’s not healthy. This year I want to go with the flow more and worry less about things out of my control. I want to focus on what I can fix in the moment and truly live life because I don’t want to give myself stress wrinkles.

Kristen- I’m notorious for spreading myself too thin. I overdo it and try to fit more things into a day than humanly possible. This year I’ve been really trying to allow more time to center myself and breathe. So far so good. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year.

Each is into some surprising things.

Alicia – I have a very strong passion for fitness, specifically weight lifting. I’ve competed in a powerlifting competition, and over the years I’ve trained in all sorts of different sports including Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. I just love the feeling of getting stronger and healthier, and I truly believe it carries over to the mental and emotional aspects of my life as well.

Pax – I think people would be surprised to know that I’m a BIG horror movie fan. I’m addicted to watching them but I’m also a big scaredy cat. I jump at every scare and I yell at the screen with my whole soul. I’m the person you want to watch those movies with because you’ll just laugh while I die inside. In case you’re curious my favorite scary movies are Saw & The Thing (the one made in the 80s).

Kristen- I am a huge theatre nerd. Have been for as long as I can remember. I would love to one day be in a musical on Broadway whether that be an originated role or a revival of some sort. It would be a dream to one day write a musical like Sara Bareilles did with “Waitress” as well. I’d love to be able to contribute to a community that has captured my heart since a young age.

Each is passionately NOT into a certain food.

Alicia – Nothing. I love everything. Okay.. fine.. celery, I don’t even like calling it a “food”. Give it’s more power than it deserves. LOL

Pax – Shellfish. I don’t know if it’s the texture or because I’m deathly allergic to it lol. Needless to say, I take my epipen with me everywhere.

Kristen- Coconut. Don’t come near me with it. The taste, the texture, not into it. Sorry to any coconut fans out there but hey, more for you right??

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L-R: Kristen Brown, Paxton Martin, Alicia Paulson

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