5 Fast Facts about model and influencer Megan Stacy

Megan Stacy is a 15-year-old cheerleader, model and influencer from the north suburbs of Chicago. She began cheer three years ago and quickly learned the importance of perfecting routines, teamwork, and always striving to improve.  

This discipline led to her first modelling stint, as she was approached at a competition by the owner of Allstar Couture to ask if she wanted to model for them. That led to other jobs with Sweet Kiss Bow Co and GlitzGirl Cosmetics among others, and she hopes to continue to expand her portfolio with other brands.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Megan Stacy!

She’s loving the model life...

My favorite experience as a cheerleader so far is getting to model for the sport I love! My favorite photoshoot was a multi brand shoot including Allstar Couture, GlitzGirl Cosmetics, and CrazyPants. That was my favorite shoot because I got to work with many new people and amazing photographers. I was very happy with how the pictures turned out and I loved all the outfits I wore.

,,,but wants to take it further.

My long term-goals in the entertainment field would be to start runway, grow my portfolio, and start acting. I also want to grow my platform on social media and be positive role model to others.

She once TikTok’d at the most inappropriate time ever — and got caught.

My most embarrassing moment IRL, was when I was making a Tiktok in an office and the person I was meeting with walked in.  He said “Did I interrupt your video?” and laughed.

Her athleticism goes far beyond cheerleading.

Something I think people would be surprised to know about me is that I played a lot of sports as a kid such as softball, horseback riding, ice skating, and ballet. 

She will not eat THIS:

One food I refuse to eat is broccoli, I can’t stand it!


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