5 Fast Facts about model Paige Stein

Paige Stein is an up-and-coming model who will be one to watch in the coming months! Here is more about her in her own words:

“I am 12 years old (turning 13 in November this year), in 6th grade, love to draw literally everything and have 3 older sisters and one older brother. I also love animals — like all animals (I have a pet Bearded Dragon) and enjoy time with my family.

“I will be going to NYC for the first time to meet with a few agencies in July and I am very excited and nervous about that.”

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Paige Stein!

Paige Stein1

North Carolina Fashion Week was an important start to her career!

NCFW was the very first runway show I did in December of 2022 and then again in March of 2023. The first time was very scary, exciting, and such a great experience. From that one show, I have been invited to so many more and even went to CA for two events because of it.

Although she is a model with access to tons of clothes, you might share her daily go-to outfit.

Ripped jeans and a t-shirt. I like baggy and comfortable clothes.

She’s been pushed past her comfort zone, but was successful nonetheless.

When I went to LA for the first time I was just going for the kids LA fashion show that I was invited to, but the person that invited me (@Harris Parris) was able to get me into the “Royal Kingdom” fashion show, which was a big production. It was only my 2nd time on the runway and it was scary but one that I will always remember.

She loves THIS genre of TV/Film:

I love sci-fi movies and shows. My dad is always finding something new for us to binge. Sometimes recent and sometimes older shows he grew up with.

More exciting things are coming up for her!

I have two things coming up that I am excited about. I have a photo shoot in June once school is out and then I am heading to NYC to meet with a few agencies.


Paige Plane

Me on the plane with my dad going on vacation


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