5 Fast Facts about rapper Lil Litty.

Lil Litty is a 16 year old rapper from Los Angeles who also runs a clothing line and record label called Lemonade Millionaires, a reference to his penchant for running lemonade stands earlier in life.

Litty also gives back to the community through charitable endeavors, and encourages kids to avoid gang life.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Lil Litty!

lil litty2

His first big performance remains his most memorable.

Performing at the Whisky a Go Go. Best fan experience was Stephen White Middle School, they were lit.

But, there is something he cannot stand about show biz.

How fake the people really are.

He kept a cool head despite THIS happening:

One of the times I performed at Whisky a Go Go, the sound equipment kept messing up, and it was pretty embarrassing. But I kept on performing regardless.

This next fact surprises people:

That I went to school in London, England for a while; got the accent down and everything. Lol

Don’t offer him any of the following (sorry French people).

Snail or frogs legs, not for me.


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