5 Fast Facts about singer poutyface

poutyface is a 19-year-old songwriter/artist from Los Angeles California. She started getting noticed on the Voisey songwriting app, having written a whopping 150 songs on the platform and having achieved over 1 million minutes of listening time by fans!

She released her debut single DEATHWISH in April, available everywhere. Check her YouTube for the lyric video!

Here’s 5 fast facts about poutyface!

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Her trip to London was a memorable one.

Being flown to London by Denzyl Feigelson to record at Mark Ronson’s old studio, (owned by Apple/Platoon now). My engineer goes “Oh yeah Nicki was just recording here a couple of days ago.” Can’t lie, felt like I was standing on holy ground. I know Jorja Smith came through that studio too. 16 year old me was sitting on the couch totally geeked like, “Jorja probably sat here.”

There is one video she really hopes you never see.

God, this hurts to remember. In 2018 I hadn’t played a live show in over a year. So my friend invited me on stage to play a quick acoustic song during her set and I completely blacked out. My ears were ringing. Watching the video back I cringe so hard. Barely kept rhythm or anything. Lesson learned, always be prepared. I pray that video never sees the light of day.

She’s not immune to teen pressures.

I love my generation. We really fight for inclusivity and acceptance, but there’s definitely still pressure to “fit in”. That might just be the symptom of a teenager, but it’s still something I struggle with. I really underestimated the power of having close friends. They’ll cut through the noise. Find people who understand you, validate you, and respect you unconditionally. Anything less isn’t worth your time. 

She gave football players a run for their money.

I was really into weight lifting for a couple of years. I crashed the football conditioning class at my high school, so it was just me and a couple of other girls. I don’t think the guys were too stoked on it, but at my “peak” I was lifting my body weight and then some. Now? Couldn’t be me.

Hold the baloney.

Bologna, absolutely not. I don’t know who’s eating that nasty mystery meat but it ain’t me.


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TWITTER: @whoispoutyface

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YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/99BHWgWpvek

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