5 Fast Facts about singers Ammon & Liahona Olayan

Utah siblings Ammon (18) and Liahona (17) Olayan whose heritage is rooted in Hawaii, have just released their newest video, “Make Me Forget It.” The sister/brother duo went from life in a tent to success with solo projects in the works and a joint album scheduled to be released soon since their original song “Listen To My Heart” (now called “Boom”) debuted on the ever-popular television show, American Idol. Their performance in front of the judges concluded with a standing ovation from Luke Bryan.

Here are 5 fast facts about Ammon and Liahona!

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They were born in Utah.

Although of Hawaiian heritage, they were raised Mormon.

Their family is big!

They are 2 of 8 children.

Moving to Hawaii meant living in a tent — basically homeless.

With just their suitcases and desire to be free from the busy world, the Olayan family went from the big state of Utah to Hawaii, living in a tent, near homeless, with no electricity, no beds, or television, no music, no school, or sports, and showering with a water hose. “We raised chickens, goats, ate fruits from the land, fished and spent lots of time together.” I never knew how much my life would change,” admits Ammon.

Ammon wrote a song first.

Liahona heard it and became inspired and did the same. Then they started making music together.

They got their big break on a familiar show.

As contestants on American IDOL they gained over 1.4 million views and were praised by Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie

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