Attack on Titan World Premiere w Kiko Mizuhara, Shinji Higuchi, Christina Grimmie, Carl Weathers

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We caught the world premiere of Attack on Titan Live Action Movie (Part 1 – Part two is slated for release in September) at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. First of all, our opinion of the movie:

IT IS AMAAAAAZING! Fans of the anime series and manga will not be disappointed, and audiences who have never heard of Attack on Titan before and are looking for an incredibly unique and entertaining story will also appreciate it. A word of caution…this has elements of both science fiction AND horror. The Titans depicted are truly insane looking and disturbing, and they eat gorily eat people with guts and blood flying everywhere throughout the movie. There is nothing like this mythology in American cinema…it is unbelievable to watch on a big screen.

Kiko Mizuhara, Haruma Miura, Shinji Higuchi

Kudos to the director for not softening or commercializing things to appeal to American audiences and to the lead actors for honoring the original manga/anime characters.

Teens Wanna Know rating: 9 out of 10

Here are two videos with our coverage…the first is our red carpet wrap-up, and the second is the FULL press conference with the stars and director and producer.

Red Carpet Interviews: Kiko Mizuhara, Shinji Higuchi, Carl Weathers, Christina Grimmie, Dre Davis, Jack Rayner, Ben Stillwell, Gabriella Holland

BONUS FOOTAGE: Complete Attack on Titan Press Conference held at Lowes Hotel in Hollywood on July 15th, 2015. Features Kiko Mizuhara, Haruma Miura, Shinji Higuchi and producer.

Official Trailer

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