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3 Simple and Versatile Dinner Ideas You Can Easily Learn to Cook

If you’ve never really learned how to cook and find that you need to now that you’re moving out on your own, don’t worry. This article will give you everything you need. Cooking can be daunting, so you should start off with some simple basics. These food items are going to be quick, and easy. They are also designed to be flexible so that you can change things up. That way you won’t get tired of eating the same thing over and over.


You might not think pizza would be an easy thing to cook, but it actually is. The hardest part to get right about a pizza is the crust. But you can make it easy by getting a premade crust. Then all you need to do is add some sauce, cheese and toppings. You can use a tomato sauce if you’re wanting to be traditional, or you can try an alfredo or garlic sauce for a new spin. Toppings can include all kinds of meats, vegetables, and even pineapple if you like Hawaiian pizzas. There are various vegetarian pizza options to try if you want to go meatless. You can even switch out the premade crust for a bagel if you want to make a personal pizza.


Pasta is so easy to cook. All you have to do is boil some water, add the pasta, and then set a timer. Set the timer based on the instructions on the pasta package. When the timer goes off, take a small piece of pasta, run it under cool water, and then give it a taste test. If it’s too hard, let the water boil a little longer. If it’s too soft, use less time on your next meal. When it’s cooked to perfection, you can add all sorts of toppings and sauces depending on what you’re feeling. You can make spaghetti and meatballs. You can make macaroni. You can make cheesy ziti. There are lots of pasta salad recipes. The options are truly endless.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs made this list because they are so easy and somewhat versatile. Most hot dogs can just be boiled or thrown in the microwave. Some even come pre-cooked. If you choose to use the microwave, make sure to poke holes in the hot dogs first. But, for the best taste, you should grill them. Leave them on low heat and rotate them until the surface is slightly seared. Once they are cooked, you can eat them plain, or with a hot dog bun. You can add all sorts of different condiments. Ketchup, mustard, ranch, mayo, relish, chili, cheese, onion, pepper, the list goes on.

These three meals should get you started, but don’t stop learning to cook there. Even though there are so many ways that you can cook these items, you eventually are going to want to branch out into finer endeavors.  Try some casseroles, steaks, or desserts.

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Types of Abusive Relationships and How to Recognize Them

The word abuse is used a lot in casual conversation. You may have heard about friends or family in abusive relationships, or seen abusive relationships on T.V. or in the media. Although this word is often thrown around, it’s important to know what it actually means. Simply put, abuse is any action that intentionally harms or injures another person.

There are many types of abuse, and all of them are harmful. Scroll down and keep reading to learn about three prevalent types of abuse, and how to recognize them in your own life.

Emotional Abuse

The definition of emotional abuse is any action that diminishes the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth in a person. Emotional abuse can be difficult to recognize. Signs of emotional abuse could include bullying, criticizing, humiliation, intimidation, isolation, or verbal assault (yelling, swearing, name calling, insults, mocking, and threats).

These actions can be extremely hurtful to your identity and self-esteem by making you feel unloved, unaccepted, and unworthy. If you are the victim of any of these actions, you might be in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is mainly characterized by intentional acts that cause injury, trauma, and bodily harm through physical assault or violence. Signs of physical abuse could include slapping, pushing, grabbing, shaking, smacking, kicking, and punching. Physical abuse can cause major or minor physical damage, but all physical abuse is wrong. Domestic violence comes with criminal consequences for abusers.

If you experience physical pain—even only once or twice—you could be in a physically abusive relationship. Research shows that if a partner intentionally injures their partner, they are likely to continue to do so in the future.

Sexual Abuse

The definition of sexual abuse is when any person forces unwanted sexual behavior on another person. You can recognize sexual abuse if someone forces you to have sex with them without your consent. Even if you’re in a committed dating relationship, the consent of both partners is necessary before sex in order for it to be healthy. You can also recognize sexual abuse if someone touches your private parts without your permission—with or without clothes—and/or forces you to touch their private parts.  

These actions are often combined with emotional and physical abuse. It’s important to remember that there are no better or worse types of abuse. Even if you think what you’re experiencing “isn’t as bad” as some other sexual abuse story you’ve heard, it’s still sexual abuse.

If you are noticing any of these types of abuse in your life, it is important that you first recognize that what you are experiencing is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. Try to build a support system of people you trust, and work on an exit plan—what you are experiencing is not okay. Many people survive abuse of all types. Things can and will get better. You will feel happy again.  

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3 Tips for Redecorating Your Bedroom with Items You Already Have

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s a place where you can be by yourself to think and relax. As such, it should reflect your preferences and personality. If your room is starting to feel bland, you may wish to redecorate. Getting all new decorations and furnishings can be expensive, so here’s how you can do it without purchasing a single thing.

Rearrange Furniture

One of the best ways to freshen up your room is to move the furniture around. Think about your normal actions. Do you have to go a long way in between your dresser and your closet? If so, you may want to move them closer. Is your dirty clothes hamper near where you usually undress? Moving it closer will reduce the likelihood of you leaving your clothes on the floor. Take note of any empty blocked space. Empty blocked space refers to parts of the room that are unusable, or inconvenient to use because of the spacing of the furniture. For example, a 6-inch gap between a desk and a bookshelf. By reducing the amount of empty blocked spaces, your room will start to feel bigger.

Change Up the Colors

Color has a huge impact on the human psyche. Warm colors are great for happiness, optimism, and energy. While this might be good for your morale, it may not make sleeping easy. Cooler colors can help with calming and soothing. They can sometimes have the effect of sadness. For a drastic change in color, try combining decorating styles for a new, fresh look. You don’t have to paint your room to change up the colors. Instead, consider switching some of the blankets you have in your closet with the ones that are on your bed. Look at the books in your bookshelf. Pull out a few of the more interesting ones and place them partially opened on top of the bookshelf as a form of decoration.

Rearrange Your Wall Hangings

You can make a big impact by rearranging your hangings on the wall. Some people like to cover every square inch of their wall with posters and photos. This can make for a very intriguing collage. Others like to space their wall decorations evenly. A more unique approach is to leave all the walls bare except for one. This gives the room a feature wall that draws the attention. A good choice would be to select something that is easily seen while you lie in bed.

While there are certainly many good design rules out there, it’s important to remember that these are more like guidelines than actual rules. At the end of the day, if you like how your room looks, then it’s going to be great! Just try not to make it too cluttered, as this can make your room a stressful place to be.

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3 Tips for Teens Looking at Renting Their First Place

If you are a teen looking for your first place, congratulations! You are entering the exciting world of independent living. However, as exciting as this is, there are many mistakes you can potentially make. Thankfully, many of these errors are easily avoidable. There are many things you can do to better prepare yourself for this new responsibility. Here are three such tips.

Don’t Go Solo

Living on your own is exciting and tempting, but keep in mind it’s a difficult thing to do. Living with roommates will make the type of apartment or house you can rent significantly more affordable. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to divide up responsibilities, like cleaning and maintenance. Just make sure you only agree to a roommate whom you can trust or who comes highly recommended from someone you know and respect. Be sure to watch out for any red flags in potential roommates.

Watch Out for Scams

As a teen, unscrupulous landlords may look at you as easy prey. Don’t be that person. Instead, be an informed consumer. For example, according to FirstKey Homes, you should look around and compare prices and have a general understanding of the average market value of homes. Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is! Furthermore, if possible, have a lawyer review your lease before you sign it as this document can easily work against you if you sign something without understanding its implications.

Your Credit and Legal History Matter

So you’re young, and you think that you can get away with anything, right? Not so fast. This is the point when the life decisions you have made begin catching up with you. For example, according to Nova Credit, your credit history, or lack thereof, can be used against you when a landlord is making a decision about whether to rent his or her apartment or house to you. The same can apply to a criminal record or other legal mistakes you have made. As such, it’s important to remember that the decisions you make as an adult can matter. Keep that in mind before making a potentially risky financial or legal decision.

Renting a new place can be a tremendously important decision as it can help you learn what it is like to live on your own, build a credit history and create tremendous memories. Just remember that it is a major decision, and you should treat it with respect, diligence and preparation.

It’s Just A Fender Bender, Right? How Much A Minor Accident Can Cost You

The first time behind the wheel is exciting, but for your parents they can be terrified. The minute you get behind the wheel, their insurance rates are going to go up. Of course, their primary concern is your safety, but that won’t stop them from getting upset over even a small accident. Even the smallest of accidents can end up costing you and your parents quite a bit of money. In some cases, it can be up to $5000. Here are a few things that might contribute to those costs.

Primary Costs

If you are at fault in an accident, you are responsible to pay for all primary costs. These costs include healthcare for those involved, and damages to both cars. When you first get out of your car, it may not seem like much happened, but some damages aren’t easily seen. Other passengers may feel fine, but they may end up suffering from whiplash. If they go see a doctor, you may need to pay for it.

Even the car can have unseen damage. All-wheel and rear wheel drive vehicles can sustaindamage to their transmissions in a minor fender bender. This damage won’t be visible but can be heard over time when the engine is running. Transmissions are expensive. If the owner of the other car suspects damage has been done, you could be paying a hefty sum.

Secondary Costs

Secondary costs can be a little difficult to understand. A secondary cost is what you must pay to cover secondary damages. Primary damages are those that are caused directly by the accident. Secondary damages are those that are caused by the primary accident. For example, suppose your fender bender damages the wheel on someone else’s car. If this goes unnoticed, the damaged wheel could cause damage to the car’s axel down the road. If this happens, you could end up providing some type of compensation for both the wheel and the axel. This same concept can apply to medical issues that those involved in the accident experience. Depending on the type of compensation you have to offer, your costs can go way up.

Insurance Costs

Every driver is legally required to have insurance on their car. The amount you pay for insurance depends on the amount of coverage you have on your car and your driving record. Generally, your insurance payments start high, and then go down over time. If, however, you have an accident, your insurance company will consider you a higher risk customer and increase your payments. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, this can cost you and your parents a significant sum.

Legal Costs

If you were the cause of the accident, you can end up paying a hefty fine. Cities and states impose fines on certain behaviors to discourage bad driving practices. For example, in Utah, if you cause injury to another person while texting and driving, you can be fined up to $10,000. What’s more, you could spend 15 years in prison! These punishments may seem strict, but driving is a serious matter. You risk the lives of others when you speed, text, or drink when driving.

Property Costs

Not every small accident is going to involve two cars. It is quite common for drivers to accidentally back their cars into someone’s property. This can be something like a mailbox, a fence, or the wall of a house. If you do this, don’t try to cover it up by driving away. Not only is this dishonest, it is illegal. It is going to be expensive enough to pay the owners the cost of repairing their property. You don’t want to deal with the consequences of a hit and run. If the damage is only to property, a hit and run is usually only a class C misdemeanor. But this still comes along with up to $750 in fines and a 90-day prison stay.

After reading all the costs associated with an accident, hopefully you aren’t too scared to drive. If you are a safe and responsible driver, most of these costs won’t be a problem for you. Just remember, your friends and phone can wait when you are driving. Nothing is more important than arriving safely at your destination.

What You Can Do to Keep Yourself Busy and Productive During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Quarantine has left many people struggling to maintain a healthy routine. Without the ability to go to work or pursue hobbies outside of the home, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of waking up, wearing PJs all day and losing any real sense of purpose. Although you may not be able to work like you’re accustomed to or stay as active as you would like, there are a few simple ways to keep busy and productive during your time indoors.

Self-isolation is the best way to keep everyone safe, so stick inside and follow these suggestions to imbue your day with something new. Remember to be gentle with yourself, too; this is a learning curve for everyone, and it’s okay to have days that aren’t productive or packed with a long to-do list.

Learn a New Recipe

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, now is the perfect time! Start with the basics and work your way up. Experiment in the kitchen, or just pick a recipe online that you can recreate. You may even decide to put your own spin on it and discover a new favorite!

Healthy eating, vegetarian recipes and gluten-free dishes abound on the internet. You can even indulge your sweet tooth and whip up some homemade baking recipes that set your mouth watering.

Study the Rules of the Road

Chances are you aren’t driving anywhere nowadays, so why not read up on the basic driving rules and best practices? You can even take a defensive driving course online that can earn you a discount on your insurance rates. Studying driving rules will help you be safer behind the wheel after the coronavirus quarantine ends and life returns to normal.

It might also be time to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes; it’s important to wear proper footwear because certain shoes can impact driving ability.

Get Active Indoors

In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, experts recommend that you remain inside unless absolutely necessary. Although going outside for a walk might be nice, it could also lead to inadvertent exposure to the illness. Just because you can’t go outside much, for now, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck on the couch or at your desk.

Find ways to workout inside, whether it’s yoga, an online fitness class or exercise routine on YouTube.

With some creativity and an open mind, you can find plenty of ways to indulge in new hobbies during the quarantine. You might be surprised at what new interests you develop.

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3 Tips for Running a Student-Led Fundraiser

Fundraising events are popular activities in many learning institutions. Besides being fun, student-led fundraising can help raise money for various worthwhile causes. The proceeds could go toward student programs and classroom resources, or they could be used to support charitable efforts. In addition, students who hold their own fundraising events gain valuable leadership experience. This sort of effort is a fantastic way of bringing communities together and giving back to society. However, planning a fundraising event can be rather daunting if you’ve never done it before. A lot of commitment, time and effort are required to pull it off. If you’re wondering how to go about the whole process, here are some helpful tips.

Set Goals

Establishing a financial goal is the first step in organizing a successful fundraising event. Defining the scope is vital, and it can help you choose reasonable and achievable objectives. Don’t set the bar too high to reach. Engage other team members in this decision. Everyone should participate if you want them to feel comfortable enough to fully take part in the plan. Once your financial objective is clear, your next goal will be figuring out ways to attain it.

Make a Record Book

Your goals, plans, strategies and expectations ought to be recorded. Organizers who don’t follow this precept generally come to regret the oversight. The lack of clear records often leads to confusion. In fact, keeping all the documentation information straight is a common fundraising problem. Remember that clear documentation is as important as planning and establishing your fundraising goals. Properly recording results can help measure the performance of your efforts and strategies. The only way to keep track of your fundraising progress is by maintaining accurate and detailed notes.

Set Times and Dates for Your Activities

Whether your fundraising program entails selling items, performing, walking or providing volunteer community services, you must decide on when to hold your activities. You don’t want them to unnecessarily conflict with your school schedule. It’s crucial to determine the best time for your fundraising and ensure you incorporate it into the school calendar so that everyone knows about it.

Fundraising programs play an essential role in many schools and produce beneficial results. Besides raising funds, such an event can help students enhance their leadership experience. It can also teach them how to relate to the world at large. However, running a successful student-led fundraiser can be challenging. Following these tips will help the process run much more smoothly.

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3 Career Fields to Look Into for People With a Creative Side

Do you enjoy spending time creating art, music, or simply dabbling in creative hobbies? Does time seem to pass extremely quickly when you are enjoying yourself in the process of creation? If you consider yourself the creative type, there are a few career fields that are likely to result in a lifetime of feeling passionate, fulfilled, and content with your life path after high school.


If you enjoy colorful art and getting creative, consider working towards a career as an illustrator, animator, or even a graphic designer. Keep in mind that there are different steps to become a graphic designer. You will need to familiarize yourself with various art styles, the history of art, and different design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

Graphic designers have the ability to work independently as a professional or they have the opportunity to work for a local design and marketing agency, depending on their skills and professional preferences. As a graphic designer, help small businesses, other individuals, marketing agencies, or even entrepreneurs spread their own messages, campaigns, and advertisements to the world.


Going into music is also a great way to find a passion career that is not only rewarding but also enjoyable and satisfying. Working as a musician, playing in a band, creating beats and melodies, or even songwriting can all become lucrative careers with the right skills and connections. Whether you have a knack for creating songs from scratch, remixing music, or even coordinating musical events, concerts, and gatherings, there are plenty of musical careers that are perfect for individuals with a creative side.


Writing is another creative outlet that is optimal for creative and passionate individuals. Becoming a copywriter, an editor, a fiction writer, or even an investigative journalist are all career options for the individual with a writer’s spirit.

As a writer, you have the ability to work independently as a remote worker or even as an individual publisher. You can also work for local newspapers, publications, and even writing agencies that specialize in topics and content you prefer to cover. Working as a writer provides maximum freedom and flexibility, especially as you work to develop and hone in on your writing skills in any market or industry that is right for you.

Taking the time to research and compare your options when you are considering a creative career path can ultimately help you to find a career choice that is extremely rewarding, satisfying, and entirely fulfilling for years or decades to come.

The Right to Vote: What You Need to Know About Becoming a Registered Voter

Voting is one of the cornerstones of American democracy, but in order to actually cast a ballot, you have to register to do so first. While this is usually easy, there are three things you have to keep in mind before you register to vote.

How to Register

The ways that you can register to vote depend on your state. Some states accept only paper forms for voter registrations, and other states allow you to register to vote online. Furthermore, there are different identification requirements for registration and voting, all of which vary by state. While these requirements are not usually overwhelming, it’s better to check what you need before you actually register to vote so that you can get it done right and make sure you’re registered in time for the next election.

Your Responsibilities

Being registered to vote does require some responsibilities. In most states, you have to vote at least once every few years in order to stay active and on the voter lists. If you register to vote in another state, you will have to make sure that you do not attempt to vote in the old location. Keep in mind that registered voters may be called to serve on a jury, although it is also possible to be called to serve on a jury if you aren’t registered.

Deadlines and Timeframes

Deadlines as to when you can register to vote vary from state to state. Some states are more restrictive, requiring you to register up to a month or longer before a primary or general election. Other states, however, allow for same-day voter registration. This means that you can actually register to vote and then cast your very first ballot on the same day. Keep in mind that the above notes about how you can register to vote may impact deadlines as well. For example, states with same-day registration options may require that you register at a county courthouse, or you may be able to register directly at your polling place from an internet-connected device.

As you can see, the specifics about where, when and how you can register to vote vary wildly. This is because voter registration is a state-run procedure. You have to check with the state in which you are registering to vote for more information about requirements. However, this is all part of the duty that comes with being a good citizen and an active voter. Just make sure you know what is needed before you actually register to vote.

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3 Tips for Teens Filing Their Taxes for the First Time

Having a part-time job is fun but also demanding as you balance school, work, and activities each week. Something you may not realize is that you need to report your taxable income to the IRS. If your income is above a certain amount, then you are required to tell the IRS how much you made even if your parents claim you as a dependent. You might even need to pay some taxes. This can be hard, so read on for a few helpful tips!

Get All Your Information

The first task is to gather all the information you need. You will need a copy of your W-2, which is a mailed statement of your work income from your employer. You will need your legal name and your tax ID number. Your tax ID number is usually your Social Security Number (SSN). If you do not have an SSN, then you will need an ITIN number, which you can request when you file your tax form.

Reasons to File Your Taxes

Whether you made enough money during the year to owe taxes, it may be the case that your employer still subtracted money from your paycheck each pay period. This money went to the government as an advance payment for your taxes. It is possible that this advance payment is more than you actually owe. In that case, you will need to file your taxes to get a refund. It could also be the case that you owe more taxes than what was already paid. If that is the case, you’ll need to send the IRS a check.

If your yearly earned income from your job is above $12,200, then you are required to file. If your self-employment income (from work you do yourself, like yard work, babysitting, et cetera) is above $400 for the year, then you are required to file. But it is always good practice to report your income even if you don’t make enough to owe taxes.

Save Your Documents

Saving your earning information is an important part of receiving money. Whether you work for an employer or earn self-employment income for various work-related activities, you should always keep records that list the work you did, the times you worked and the amount you earned. This is important in case the information your employer has about your income is wrong. If you are self-employed, you need to know if you made more than $400 for the year. Also, if you are self-employed, keep your receipts for any purchases made for your work. You may be able to subtract these costs from your income. At this time, it’s generally recommended that you also get things ready for next year’s return as well.

Filing taxes is part of the responsibilities we all face as citizens. Just like voting, reporting your taxable income will be your civic duty as an adult. Filing your taxes now will help prepare you for the future.

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