Blue Collar Careers You Should Look into After High School

Thinking about life after high school can be stressful. It certainly does not help when everyone asks you if you know what you want to do yet. Some of your friends might have already been accepted into their dream universities while you are still wondering if a college education is your choice. If this sounds familiar, you might be the perfect fit for a blue collar career.

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An electrician’s day could include fixing the air conditioning in a home or installing light fixtures in a hospital. The minimum education requirement for an electrician is a high school diploma. This job is perfect for those who understand mechanics and can work with small objects such as electrical wires. An electrician’s work varies day to day and can cover a large radius of clients. Generally, electricians get their start through an apprentice training where they shadow a seasoned electrician. Unlike many internships, most apprenticeships are paid, so you will be earning money while you gain valuable experience.



Out of all the blue-collar careers, plumbers are among the highest paid workers. Master plumbers can earn an average of $62,000 a year after years of experience. As a plumber, you will interact with many different people daily, so it is important to be personable and professional. Plumbers experience the satisfaction that only comes from working on a job with their hands. The work of a plumber goes far beyond fixing toilets. Plumbers work with any pipe system in the house, including gas lines.


Long Haul Truck Driver

If you are looking to trade in your mom’s minivan, driving an 18-wheeler truck across the country might be right for you. As the world shifts to online shopping and international purchases, long haul, or cross country drivers will continue to be in business. You can spend long amounts of time alone as you see new parts of the country and enjoy time off in between drives. Typically, all you need is a high school degree and to complete an 8-week driving school.


Blue collar jobs are great for long term careers and will give you real world experience as your labor with your own hands and interact with people from all walks of life. The clients you interact with will be continuously grateful for the work you do. At the end of each day, you will be able to see physical proof of your hard work and feel fulfilled right out of high school.

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