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5 Fast Facts about singer Jake Clark

Jake Clark (@itsjakeclark) is a teen singer from Thousand Oaks, California who just started dropping tracks last year but has already built up a good following, including many members of young Hollywood with whom he maintains good friendships.

He is playing a show at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood on June 29th (TICKETS HERE) and just released a breezy little track called “Sun Sets Over the City” which you can listen to right now:

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Jake Clark!

jake clark 1

He’s shook with how much support his first song received.

My biggest project was releasing my very first single, “The Drive.” When I first released it I was not expecting the overwhelming amount of support that would come of it. I just thought it would be fun to release a song, but it opened so many doors for me. I remember waking up looking on Spotify seeing that it had over 100,000 streams and feeling so astonished and grateful. However, I have some huge things coming up soon, and I can not wait to share!!

He’s still not used to getting recognized on the street.

The strangest thing to happen to me in show biz so far is getting recognized. I guess it’s not really strange, but it’s just crazy to me. Never ever in 1,000 years did I think I would get recognized. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty average kid who loves to sing. It’s so funny cause while looking on Instagram it can sometimes turn into a numbers game. But the fact that those numbers are real people is so inspiring to me. And I hope I can use my platform to make others happy, and show my followers it’s important to not take life too seriously.

He’s trying to up his game.

One habit I’m trying to break is disciplining myself to work super hard on my music. I’ve always loved music and done it for fun, but now that it is turning into a career, I need to realize that it’s not only a passion, but a job. But you know what they say, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. And for that reason, I’m so grateful.

He’s got a very unusual skill.

One thing people are surprised to hear about me is I can pogo stick and jump rope at the same time 😉

No Dodger Dogs for him.

One food I refuse to eat is HOT DOGS. *insert throw up emoji*

Can we get a selfie of whatever you are up to at the moment?

Here is a photo of me RN on my RV on a camping trip!!

5 Fast Facts about actress Simone Miller

simone miller

Teen actress Simone Miller stars as Raign Westbrook in the brand new digital original series Detention Adventure on CBC, about a crew of sixth graders who purposely get themselves thrown into detention after discovering the entrance to a labyrinth of tunnels, laden with traps and riddles, protecting a long lost secret.

Simone is also set to star in the biopic, The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel which traces the group’s story, from their humble beginnings to becoming the highest selling female gospel group in history. Simone plays Young Dorinda in the film which is produced by Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Simone!

simone miller

Her character wants to get in trouble.

Detention Adventure is about a group of kids who purposefully get themselves thrown into detention with hopes of finding underground tunnels that supposedly lead to Alexander Graham’s Hidden lab. I play Raign Westbrook who is the leader of the group and is determined to be the first to discover the lab, so she can show her family that even though they all have very different interests she can still make them proud. 

She recommends the show for families.

I think people are going to want to watch Detention Adventure because it has a little something for everyone. It is a great show to watch with your family, it is funny, interesting and full of surprises! 

If you don’t pull your weight around her, watch out.

My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t participate in group projects and I am left doing all of the work! 

She used to flip out – literally.

I competed in gymnastics for about a year but I had to quit due to ankle and knee injuries. 

She’s got a few guilty pleasures:

My bed, sleep, chocolate and gummies! 

Selfie time!

simone miller

5 Fast Facts about young CEO Alexa Curtis

alexa curtis teens wanna know

Alexa Curtis (@Alexa_Curtis) is the CEO of Life Unfiltered with Alexa – a lifestyle platform geared towards teens and young adults covering topics such as social media and mental health. The brand evolved from a fashion blog she started at age 12 as an outlet to deal with the bullying she was experiencing in middle school, and has grown ever since.

She runs her podcast This is Life Unfiltered and Disney show Fearless Everyday. She also recently created the first ever Be Fearless Summit that she just hosted at Drexel University. 

Here’s Five Fast Facts about Alexa!

She’s riding a recent wave of success – focused on helping others be fearless.

When I landed my show Fearless Everyday on Radio Disney and hosted my first few interviews, I felt like I was riding this crazy wave. Going from running your own “show” for so long to now having all these eyes on you was a really unique feeling. I also hosted a summit called the Be Fearless Summit at Drexel University in March, which was something I’ve never done before and walked away from feeling so successful. 

Her tip to handle anxiety: a steady routine.

I meditate every morning with Headspace. I’ve become so accustomed to my routine of waking up, making my favorite Keurig coffee, going to the gym and meditating and sticking to that routine as much as I can has truly helped me handle my anxiety.

alexa curtis

There might be a TV show based on her life in her future.

I’m working on the next Be Fearless Summit, hopefully this Fall, as well as pitching a TV show that was developed based on my life. 

Despite a high-profile life, she can be a little shy.

I never get anxiety going on TV shows anymore, but sometimes I have so much trouble talking to people in person if I feel uncomfortable or like I don’t know someone super well! It’s weird because you’d expect the opposite!

The one food she refuses to eat is _______


Selfie time!

alexa curtis fearless everyday

 Drinking my morning coffee!

5 Fast Facts about dancer Taylor Hatala


Taylor Hatala is a 15-year-old dancer who’s big break came when she was 11 years old, when a dance video featuring her and Matt Steffanina dancing to a Taylor Swift track went viral and landed her on the Ellen DeGeneres show! Following this, she was selected to dance with Janet Jackson on her world tour at just 12 years old and toured with Janet until age 14.

Taylor has worked with several artists such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Ciara, Missy Elliot and Serena Williams. She has also appeared Fuller House, Fresh off the Boat and School of Rock. Taylor now choreographs and has had the opportunity to teach across Canada, US and internationally.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Taylor!

She’s got some collabs coming up.

I’m working on some dance video collaborations! Watch out for these on social media shortly! I also have a few upcoming international teaching dates in Brazil, New Zealand and China!

She wants Instagram to up their filter game. 

I love Instagram, but snapchat is beating them with their filters right now. INSTAGRAM PLEASE GET NEW AND MORE FILTERS! I would love this, I would definitely take all my selfies on Instagram.

She spaced out in front of a ton of people — but survived.

I was 10 years old and I had the opportunity to perform at a Globetrotters game, here in my home town, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was performing a jazz duet with my partner, and in the middle of the routine, we both forgot the choreography at the exact same time! Thank goodness we can laugh about it today, but man was it embarrassing at the time.


She’s probably immune to your jiu-jitsu moves.

One thing people don’t know about me is that I am double-jointed in my shoulders! I would LOVE to try to take up Breaking. My sister and I can stretch our arms and shoulders in really weird ways and kind of make illusions with it.

There is one thing she secretly craves more than anything.

GREEN TEA FRAPPES FROM STARBUCKS! I could have one every single day, and still not get sick of them. They are the perfect amount of sweetness.

Selfie time!


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5 Fast Facts about DIY with Me’s Sissy Sheridan

sissy sheridan1 diy with me

Sissy Sheridan is the host of NICKELODEON’S DIY With Me series on YouTube and a series regular on Brat’s Chicken Girls as Angie. She also co-stars in the Netflix series Maniac with Jonah Hill. In April she released her first music video “Most Girls” which you can see below. She has been acting, singing, and dancing since the age of 4 when she fell in love with the Lion King on Broadway. When she isn’t working, she loves hanging out with her friends, creating YouTube videos, making slime, and eating candy.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Sissy!

sissy sheridan1 diy

She booked her role on DIY With Me in 10 minutes.

I was actually on a film set in Kentucky when my manager called and told me Nickelodeon was holding auditions in New York city for an online craft show. I flew to New York the next day. My audition consisted of me making a craft with only a water bottle, washi tape, 2 paintbrushes, paint, and scissors. I made a bangle bracelet and a monogrammed hair-tie holder with the water bottle. It was an improvised audition and I only had 10 minutes. My manager called me a week later and said, ‘Hello, Sissy – how would you like to have your own Nickelodeon Web series?” And I was just freaking out! I think my favorite episode is episode 2 of Nickelodeon’s DIY With Me. I made a bubblegum fluffy slime which was really stretchy and fun. I really love slime so it was awesome that I got to show the viewers how to make it! The bubblegum flavor also smelled really good LOL!

She stans Spongebob.

My favorite line is “Remember, licking doorknobs on other planets is illegal!”

She’s got a thing for sugary egg whites.


She likes to dance. 

I LOVE hip hop dancing

She cannot live without_________________

My family, my friends, and my phone!


sissy sheridan2 diy


5 Fast Facts about singer Casey Baer

casey baer

Eighteen years in the making, Los Angeles-based sultry pop artist Casey Baer is ready to step into the spotlight. Inspired by her relationships and the experiences of her teen years, Casey has packaged up those feelings and delivered a beautifully well-wrapped gift to her fans with honest lyrics, powerful vocals, and polished production to match. Her first single set to debut May 16th, Greatest Mistake, is an indicator of what’s to come – an unapologetic take on every teen’s formative years.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Casey!

casey baer

She wouldn’t change a thing about her greatest mistake.

“Greatest Mistake” was inspired by a time when I was seeing someone and it didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I saw it coming and tried to keep it alive. But in the end I turned it into a positive by putting it into my songwriting. So I probably wouldn’t change a thing!

She lost it when she saw Justin Bieber.

I have been star struck more than once. I saw Justin Bieber at a restaurant in Los Angeles and I was speechless and quite possibly cried a little! He’s my number one inspiration so seeing him in person was surreal. I saw him again at Coachella this year, and (possibly) cried again!

She doesn’t look her best without a good fanning.

My favorite makeup hack is fanning my face after using my setting spray because it makes my makeup look last longer.

She’s kind of a late bloomer.

I’m not sure why I didn’t want to drive, but I just got my permit this year at 18.

Her favorite guilty pleasure is_______________

My guilty pleasure is watching reality TV!


I’ve been trying to learn the guitar for awhile now, but it’s not easy!

5 Fast Facts about model Jordan Leftwich

jordan leftwich 1

Jordan Leftwich is a runway model who has walked during both New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. She was a featured model at the 2019 Annual Oscar City Summit Celebrity Charity Gala and has collaborated and walked with America’s next Top model contestants Rio Summers and the Green twins.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Jordan!

She’s got a huge personal goal.

My ultimate goal is to walk in the Victoria Secret Fashion show.

She met a big celebrity — with a mouth full of tacos.

I was at a birthday party and a mom was talking Heidi Klum’s head off…lol…and she looked at me. At the moment I had a mouthful of tacos in my mouth but Heidi looked over and told me that I was very pretty. It was one of those moments where you look at your parent and they are like “save me,” lol. So, of course I was like, “oh my gosh thank you,” but at the same time I was thinking, “oh no, I can’t answer, I have a mouthful of tacos” … so I ended up saying thank you and smiling. The moment was super funny because it was a moment where you think in your head, is Heidi Klum talking to me? I had a chance to laugh at the moment.

She’s got a beauty hack she’d like to share.

I like to set my makeup with a setting spray and then dab it in with a beauty blender to leave a blurred finish.

She can do an amazing stunt!

I know how to jump off a 20ft scaffold on to a mat/airbag.

She doesn’t always eat healthy.

My guilty pleasure is eating a big bowl of noodles and watching a movie while wearing my pajamas.

Selfie time!

5 Fast Facts about Kids4Community Founder Kenan Pala

kenan pala

Kenan Pala is the 15-year-old founder of Kids4Community , a non-profit organization with a mission to introduce children and teens to the concept of charitable work early in their lives. For instance, earlier this year 200 kids and their parents volunteered their efforts at a Kids4Community event to help San Diego’s homeless population, assembling 600 hygiene kits and 400 sack lunches for Interfaith Community Services of San Diego which distributes to the local homeless.

We had to find out more about this rising star in philanthropy, so here’s 5 Fast Facts about Kenan Pala!

kenan pala

He’s got a huge heart.

The biggest thing that I personally get from doing community work is the heartening feeling that I get knowing that I am helping people. Helping others, and knowing that I’m helping make a difference, warms my heart, and it’s this feeling that inspires me (like a call to action) to do more for the community, and more people (or causes).

He’s has solutions to help the homeless.

TWK asked: Some people prefer to be homeless instead of going to a shelter or just like getting high and refuse to get help. In your opinion, what should we do about them?

That is a hard area. By definition, those people (who are above 18) are no longer minors and have rights to make their own choices. They don’t have to be helped if they don’t want to. However, I was recently reading that the city of LA has set up medical/mental treatment centers for homeless individuals, many of whom are placed there by being arrested for disturbing the peace.

We can apply this mindset to our cities. People are allowed to make their own choices under certain conditions: they follow the law and they do not put others at risk (disturb the peace so to say). Under these conditions, homeless people who are high and committing illegal actions are arrested. However, what we can do to help these people, like LA, is place them in mental/medical treatment programs or facilities where they can start on the path to recovery, or at least attempt (But everything is worth a shot).

Of course, there are people who just want to be homeless and not get help and if they are not disturbing the peace or breaking any laws, we have a right to let them live the life they want. We can set up programs through city parks and streets that try and help homeless people, but we cannot force the ones that follow the laws.

He personally helped one homeless woman get back on her feet.

Kids4Community was just getting started and we were organizing a dinner serving at a local homeless shelter. While we serving dinner, I decided to go around and sit down with the homeless people we were serving and talk to them. I remember that one time there was a woman who told me how she became homeless. She told me how she used to work in construction, but one day she got really sick and could no longer work. Therefore, she had no income and living in San Diego (where houses cost a lot), after a while she could no longer afford to live in a home.

After talking to her, Kids4Community went onto partner with Interfaith Community Services to help homeless people throughout San Diego. Interfaith Community Services have amazing programs, where they help homeless people get jobs and houses. After a few months, and dinner servings, later, I no longer saw her. This meant, because of she in Interfaith’s program, that she had found a job and had an apartment at the least. There were no ramifications to this story. I believe that every single act of kindness matters. It does not matter if you donate a Lunchable or a thousand Lunchables, you are changing the life of someone.

He is not only the third fastest freshman runner in the State of California, but trades stocks and Forex as well!

Something many people outside of my friend group don’t know about me is that I’m a nationally ranked cross country athlete. I am the third fastest freshman runner in the state of California, and I hold the state record (for California) for the half marathon and 10k for a 14-year-old. I started running here and there when I was in fourth grade, and I started to take running seriously when I went in my 7th/8th-grade year.

Also, many people don’t know that I am a stock and currency (euro, lira, USD, real, etc.) investor. I developed a fascination for assets in the first year of my middle school, and I saved money for three years to open up a portfolio in the 2018 summer.

kenan pala2

He’ s got a thing for sushi and froyo.

My favorite type of food that is not healthy would be frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is, even though it is considered junk food, on the “healthier” side of the junk food spectrum. I like frozen yogurt because there are vasts amount of flavors, toppings, and it just tastes really good on a hot day. My favorite healthy food would be, by far, sushi. I don’t really know why I like it; I guess that there’s just something about seafood wrapped in sticky rice and seaweed that I like. I eat sushi on a weekly basis, and, unfortunately, I don’t eat frozen yogurt very often. (The last time I had it was last April)

kenan pala1

5 Fast Facts about Tyler Gomez

tyler gomez nervous

Tyler Gomez is an up-and-coming L.A.-based pop singer who’s already got three tracks under his belt with more on the way. His latest lyric video for “Nervous” caught our eye with its cool visuals (scroll down to watch), so we decided to find out a little more about him.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Tyler!

tyler gomez nervous

He’s about to drop a new song.

Right now I’m working on a new song that I’m super excited to release. There is no official release date right now, but it will be out soon. You can follow my Instagram @tylergomezmusic for when it drops. 🙂

His biggest single biggest musical inspiration is _________

There are so many! But I mean Beyoncé inspires me so much! I just love how much soul and passion she has for what she does.

He wants Instagram to add a react cam.

I would want to add a react cam, so whenever you send a video or post to a friend you can tap react and it lets them know it’s a react and then counts down and starts recording them so you see their face when they see the post. Kind of like on tiktok. I swear, the amount of times I have sent someone a funny video and wanted to see their reaction.

He’s probably not going to see the Avengers: Endgame, or any other movie, any time soon.

I never really watch tv or movies. I always just watch YouTube when I have time, usually before I fall asleep when I’m laying down in bed.

His secret obsession is ___________

HaloTop Ice Cream! Haha, so I track macros because I’m trying to gain more muscle, and HaloTop has a lot of protein in it, plus it tastes really good. 🙂 I like to get the caramel macchiato one.

Selfie time!

I was literally answering these questions on my phone hanging out on the balcony at my house.

tyler gomez selfie