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5 Fast Facts about dancer Ricky Palomino

Ricky Palomino is a professional dancer who’s toured with the Cedar Lake Ballet Dance Company for four seasons. He later became a dance teacher and choreographer, working with artists like VINCINT, Blake McGrath and Alyson Stoner as well as Kristine W, Deborah Cox, The Pointer Sisters, and Patti Labelle. Ricky’s creativity put him behind the scenes as a choreographer and producer on So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Moms. He went on to appear on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (LifetimeTV), American Beauty Star and Raising Asia

Other accomplishments include original music such as SHADOW! and a role in The Accompanist which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Marcelino, Ricky’s High Fashion line has been showcased during fashion week and in couture boutiques in Hollywood, and Ricky also advocates and gives back to help causes and charities that support diversity. 

Here’s 5 fast facts about Ricky!

He’s experienced some craziness behind the scenes.

The craziest thing I experienced behind the scenes was during the production of American Beauty Star‘s second to last episode of the season for Lifetime TV Network. We were in the final scene and the four remaining contestants were waiting for a surprise where we brought back all of their assistants so that they could choose and trade assistants for the finale episode. Well, all of sudden, our Executive Producer decides he wants to rewrite the end of this episode to where we would bring back contestants they were competing against to act as assistants for the remaining 4. So we literally have all of the assistants in the hallway ready to enter, all cameras were up which were about 15 of them, lighting department still on, producers still on the floor, and contestants that were voted off, at the hotel with no knowledge of any of this. So we sat there and rewrote everything, went and picked up contestants from the hotel, some were shopping, some others elsewhere, got them back to set, put them in hair and makeup, transported all assistants offset, rewrote scripts for hosts, briefed the entire production team, and made it happen. We had to do this within an hour and a half and it was THE MOST STRESSFUL day possibly ever that I have seen while on set. It was a MADHOUSE and everyone’s emotions were through the roof! Thank the Lord I’m a dancer and can control my emotions otherwise, I would have been a MESS!! LOL

His solution to literally everything: MANDATORY BALLET! [I say we try it! – Editor]

If I could pass ONE law that everyone had to follow, honestly, I would require EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH to take ballet from 3 years old to 16 years old. The amount of discipline, coordination and control and body awareness, the teamwork, the critical eye you build to see small details, the appreciation of the body, the intellect of coordinating with classical music, the endurance you build, the hyper-awareness you build, and the stamina to overcome things that are “hard”, and love you build of art and culture and community it gives you. I know that it would change the world in a way that people would work differently at their crafts and what they are good at. I see it as a deeply spiritual meditation that is along the lines of religion. This world would be super functional and we would embark on the biggest feats of exploration, and discovery quicker than we have ever had in the past. It would be truly remarkable.

He had a hard time with THIS particular dancer.

OMG, the most embarrassing moment in real life would be when I had to partner Ashlee Langas on So You Think You Can Dance during a taping. She was so tall and way stronger than I was at the time and it just wasn’t cohesive. You could see and feel me muscling everything to keep her up and it was just sooooooo bad! But it was a great time and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.

Despite his showbiz work, he really prefers solitude.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I am a super recluse. LOL. I love to be alone with a couple loved ones or family members and just stay in the house and create, or lounge, or cook. Going out in large crowds gets super crazy for me cause I truly like to engage in full conversation and talk about real-life stuff. The things that make us tick, that inspire us, the things that worry us, etc. I am outgoing and love being in the entertainment industry but when that’s all done. I could stay in the house for dayssssssss. Even if I am alone for days at a time, I am just fine. I really don’t need to be around people. It really is distracting and even when I am with a couple family members, I still have to do things alone. It is just how I work. So even though I appear out on the go and super public, inside I am waiting to go home and create and cook my own vegan meals. I want to own a vegan fast-food chain someday.

He got addicted to Instagam but did something very healthy about it.

One I app I have uninstalled on my phone was INSTAGRAM! LOL. I got so lost in it and it consumed my whole being and I started comparing myself with everyone I followed and lost drive and focus. So, at the beginning of the year, I took it off my phone to focus on a project. I accomplished a lot and was much happier. However, my friends let me know what a bad idea that was because it’s your visual resume. So I reinstalled it after 2 months and lost like 1200 followers just cause I was inactive. So, that broke my heart and I got depressed again but later came to terms with it and saw it as a digital cleansing. Those people were following me because I hang around famous people and not cause they were supporting me. So now I use it for what it is and don’t put too much heart in numbers. I know my self-worth better, and I have unfollowed toxic accounts. I’m a real artist, always have been and to create great work, you have to put in the hours, blood and sweat and tears. Not just pick up a canvas and paint with one hand while holding your phone in the other. It is cheap, quick satisfaction and you’re not fully immersed in your work. Social media has changed the definition of fine art in our world.

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5 Fast Facts about actor Ja’Siah Young

Ja’Siah Young is best known for playing Dion in the new NETFLIX show “Raising Dion.” He can also be seen playing Justin Simpson in the soon to be released satirical thriller “Nicole and OJ.” He’s also been in “Billy on the Street” and NICKELODEON’S “Sunny Day.”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Ja’Siah!

He wants you to make you FEEL.

My ultimate show biz goal is to create and be a part of entertainment productions that change people’s lives and make them lose their selves in the moment. It’s all about the entertainment and enjoyment of it so I want make people really feel it make them laugh cry or just feel it.

He got to meet two of his heroes.

I was definitely star struck when I met Michael B Jordan and Ice T. When I met Michael B Jordan he asked me if I had any questions and I couldn’t remember any of the ones I said I’d ask. I was 6 years old the first time I met him. And he was really cool. He broke the ice and picked me up and spin me around. And when I met Ice T all I could say was I can’t believe you were a rapper, I’ve never met a famous rapper before. But they were both great guys and super down to earth. I’m blessed to have gotten to meet them and work with them.

His mom has some good blackmail material on him.

My most embarrassing IRL moment was the time I was at the airport traveling to Bulgaria to film a movie, I was playing at the airport jungle gym with some friends I met who were waiting for the same flight. And while climbing up the jungle gym I bumped my head on the top and fell to the floor. I rolled off like it was a parkour move and thought it’s ok no need to be embarrassed no one saw it. I look over to my mom sitting on the side line laughing so I go check it out and come to find out she got the entire incident on tape HAHAHA!! 

He got a real early start.

Something people would be surprised to hear about me would be that I asked my mom to enter into this entertainment world when I was only about 2 years old. I saw a poster in the door a pageant and I thought that was got you become a prince. So I asked my mom to do it, I started winning a lot in a row and people started suggesting acting/ modeling. So my mom took me to an agency audition in NY and they ended up loving me and wanting to work with me all off of a conversation I started with a woman (manager/ agent rep) I met in the ladies room with my mom. And I’ve just been practicing and auditioning every since. 

Please don’t serve him snails.

A food I wouldn’t eat is escargot. Ughh it’s just too weird to think about lol.

5 Fast Facts about performer Kennedy Madison

Kennedy Madison is a recording artist, dancer, and actress best known for her work in Broadway’s Les Misérables. She’s also in the film SEIZE THE MOMENT and released two released singles “Kill That Noise,” and “I Got Me,” which have more than 40,000 YouTube views.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Kennedy! 

Photographer: Brandin Rackley

She’s got a couple of big showbiz dreams.

Being on tour and having a star on the ‘Walk of Fame.’ 

She might faint if she saw THESE people:

I’ve never really been star struck but if it were to happen, I definitely would be if I saw Matthew McConaughey or Chris Brown.

You know that bad dream you’ve probably had about going up on stage in front of a lot of people and something bad happening — it actually happened to her — but she survived!

I hate telling people this but it happened when I was a lot younger. I was on a pageant stage waiting to be crowned but before getting on stage I had to use the restroom. No one would let me leave before and when I got on stage, I didn’t really notice what happened until I walked off and everyone went silent. You can probably guess that…yes I peed on myself.  Scariest and most embarrassing moment of my life. 

There’s one type of movie she prefers above all else.

I’m obsessed with romance movies

You will probably agree with her “foods I refuse to eat” list:

Squid or Brussel Sprouts 


Apple Music:

5 Fast Facts about teen comedian Braxton Herda

Braxton Herda is a comedian and actor, is best known for playing a young Seth Rogen in the new hit film “Long Shot” starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. He also has had a recurring role on the hit show as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” starring Larry David and Cheryl Hines and performs standup regularly.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Braxton!

He’s got some lofty goals.

To be a legend.  Have my own sitcom and travel the world performing standup to sold out venues. 

He has never been star struck.

No, but I’m sure that can change given the right scenario. 

He is proof you can survive even the cringiest moment.

Before I went through my growth spurt: at our 7th grade Christmas party we decided to play Just Dance. A group of three of my buddies and myself played and I selected the fourth person.  The game wouldn’t start and kept showing a message “one person please” for the avatar that I was trying to sync up to. I was too chubby apparently to fit as the 4th person. The host of the party’s brother called me out to make it more embarrassing. 

He is both shy and outgoing.

I am an ambivert. 

One food he refuses to eat is:


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5 Fast Facts about singer-songwriter and actress Serena Laurel

Serena Laurel is a singer-songwriter and actress best known for the lead role as “Lucy” in the feature film Summertime Dropouts alongside Quinton Aaron (Blindside) and punk sensation Simple Plan.  She has numerous awards, including six for Best Actress as “Georgia Dean” in the thriller Nasty Habits written and directed by Allisyn Arm (scroll down for trailer) and Best Actress by Film Fest LA Live in the Fantasy Film category for her starring role in Bird Song, a Game of Thrones fan film.

As a singer-songwriter, her style provides a blend of acoustic pop jazz. Her new single GOLD is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all popular music sites She has performed at venues such as Whisky GoGo, House of Blues, Roxy, The Hotel Cafe and more and is involved with several charities such as A Starlight Children’s Foundation and

Serena is also a Style Icon and Patron for Runway Dubai Show “Fashion Meets Music” airing Friday November 8th, 2019. The designers are challenged to create a unique red carpet dress with the winner to be chosen by Serena Laurel and then to be worn by her at a Hollywood premiere.

And if you’d like to catch her live, her next show is at THE HOTEL CAFE Sunday, November 24th. Ticket Link:

Here are 5 fast facts about Serena!

What’s the dumbest comment you have received because of your red hair?

I don’t know if it’s the weirdest but, the most frequently asked question or comment I get is about my soul. “Do you have a soul?” Especially around Halloween, this query pops up a lot. Does a redhead have a soul? Will we ever know?

Choose one word to describe the first moment you ever stepped onto a stage to perform solo.

That word would be clarity. Of course, the first time anyone performs they are going to be nervous! The first time I performed solo wasn’t a musical performance but gymnastics instead. When I was young I trained for rhythmic gymnastics. The first rhythmic competition I did was a state event with a lot of people and it was very nerve-racking. But the nerves brought all of my energy into focus. Once I started my routine all the nerves turned into excitement and then I enjoyed performing for a big crowd! That’s when I realized I enjoyed the show for the audience and not the competition. Now, when I’m on stage to play a set of songs, it feels like I’m right at home! The excitement is still there but instead of being nervous, it’s a feeling of clarity and peace. 

Most embarrassing moment IRL?

Too many to count! I think forgetting the lyrics to your song has happened to all singer-songwriters at least once. But, the most embarrassing would be a wardrobe malfunction of my own doing. I walked on stage in a super cute jumpsuit and by the time I finished my set, I realized the side zipper was down. Fortunately, I think my guitar hid it well and I didn’t know it was unzipped until the end of the show. But once I found out, I was embarrassed.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.

I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan. I dressed up like a Tardis for Halloween one year. I printed Tardis motifs and sewed them onto a circular skirt with a blue grid pattern. I’ve been obsessed with the show since I was 12 and haven’t stopped watching! My favorite Doctor is the 10th David Tennant. I have a collection of sonic screwdrivers. Never know when you will need one:) An acting dream of mine is to be on the show someday. No matter how silly or dark I love everything about the show! Rose is by far my favorite companion hands down.

Name one song you listen to over and over.

Only one comes to mind! Nakamarra by Hiatus Kaiyote! As I am writing this I am thinking about seeing them in concert tonight! This band has inspired me so much and shaped the way I write and play music. I could listen to that song all day every day and never get tired of it! It’s what I call my ‘end of the world song’ because it would be the last song I listen to if I got to choose.

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5 Fast Facts about singer Haven

Singer/songwriter Haven is a 20 year old pop singer from Moville, Iowa (pop. 1600) who began writing country tunes and performing in Nashville starting at age 12. At age 15, she began touring the nation by age 15 with major country acts such as Thomas Rhett, Lady Antebellum, Toby Keith and Hunter Hayes, but just recently decided to transition to pop music — and we can not be more excited. We listened to a few preview tracks, and they are 100% BOPS. Her sound is kind of trap-pop style mixed with a touch of Halsey/Charlie XCX/Cher Lloyd vibes. In fact, we listened to them over and over again at the TWK office, and visitors were like, “Who IS that?” and really got into it.

She is now working with Brian Teefey (LH7 Management / Selena Gomez’s step-dad) and set to release her debut single “Swimming In Your Feelings” on November 1st.

We get pitched a LOT of artists — but Haven really stands out as a potential “next big thing,” and we are looking forward to watching her career take off.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Haven!

Pop music set her free.

When I made the switch over to pop it made me feel so musically free in my sessions. I could sing whatever melody I was hearing and not have to worry about it not “fitting” in a box. I’ve had a ton of freedom creatively on this project which has been amazing!!

She overcame POTS Syndrome (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a condition with affects blood circulation), and it led to her music career.

I was 10 years old when I suddenly became very ill with a mysterious illness that none of the doctors in my area could diagnose. I was in and out of the hospital a lot and could no longer go to school or participate in sports. It was hard for people around me to understand what I was going through because my illness was initially tough to diagnose and relatively unheard of.  During that dark time in my life, music became my haven. I found comfort in expressing how I felt through my songs and it was truly healing for me.  My guitar became my best friend, and I began writing song after song, and I never stopped. My illness remained a mystery for a year, and I was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. After two weeks of testing, Dr. Phil Fischer finally diagnosed me with POTS syndrome. It took about 3 years of treatment before I was finally better. During that time I kept writing songs and singing them for anyone and everyone who would listen. I gradually became stronger, and through that experience I’d found my true love which led me to where I am today.  

She is not exempt from the cringey moments in life.

Oh my gosh I feel like I’m always embarrassing myself haha. I think the most recent one would be running into our sliding glass door.

She is sporty.

Something that people might be surprised to know about me is I love sports. I’m usually in the studio writing all the time but I absolutely love being outside playing sports or watching sports. It’s my second love!

We have never heard of anyone else besides Haven disliking this food:

Hot carrots. I’ll eat them cold, but I hate warm carrots.

Selfie time!

Haven in her Halloween costume.

Haven Social Media:




5 Fast Facts about rapper Lil Litty.

Lil Litty is a 16 year old rapper from Los Angeles who also runs a clothing line and record label called Lemonade Millionaires, a reference to his penchant for running lemonade stands earlier in life.

Litty also gives back to the community through charitable endeavors, and encourages kids to avoid gang life.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Lil Litty!

His first big performance remains his most memorable.

Performing at the Whisky a Go Go. Best fan experience was Stephen White Middle School, they were lit.

But, there is something he cannot stand about show biz.

How fake the people really are.

He kept a cool head despite THIS happening:

One of the times I performed at Whisky a Go Go, the sound equipment kept messing up, and it was pretty embarrassing. But I kept on performing regardless.

This next fact surprises people:

That I went to school in London, England for a while; got the accent down and everything. Lol

Don’t offer him any of the following (sorry French people).

Snail or frogs legs, not for me.


5 Fast Facts about actress Bella Rose

Bella Rose is a tween Aussie actress who has booked over 70 film, TV and theater roles – including children’s TV, short films, indie films and community theater. Bella’s latest project is a lead role in medieval feature film ‘Magdala Rose’ which premieres in November 2019. She has been nominated as Best Supporting Actress by the Australian Screen Industry Network for this role which included green screen work, stunt work on ropes, horse riding, working with an Australian reality TV star and filming in spectacular locations in South East Queensland that looked like France but occasionally required filming to pause whilst Kangaroos moved out of shot!

Here are 5 fast facts about Bella Rose!

Photo by Carrie Mcleod. 

She shared a special showbiz moment with her grandma.

In 2017 I won a Best Supporting Actress award from the Griffith University Film School, but the most special part of this was that I had invited my Grandma who is my biggest supporter, to the film screening and showcase event, it was the first time she had seen me on a big cinema screen and was there with me to share the celebrations of my first ever acting award.

She got star struck – by a HORSE.

In my latest film one of my co-stars was a beautiful white horse named Crystal, and she is a “horse actress” with a bigger resume than mine. She has been in TV Shows and commercials, and was a performer at the Australian Outback Spectacular, which is an amazing equestrian show on the Gold Coast in Queensland. With the help of her handler, Crystal rehearsed her moves and then did exactly what was required of her in the scene — it was the best filming day of the whole movie. 

She had a cringey moment with a boy — and doubled-down with extra cringe!

I was at the train station and, after months of building courage, I waved to this boy I had met a few times at acting workshops. BUT he didn’t wave back; he didn’t even seem to recognize me. And then things got much more embarrassing, because when he didn’t wave back my acting training kicked in and I started a ridiculous impromptu mime act responding to him waving back. Sooo embarassing. Mum said he probably didn’t see my face under the school hat.  I don’t think I will be waving to any boys ever again.

She is a STEM star.

My favorite subjects at school are math and computer programming, and I have represented my school and state at a national robotics competition where I designed, built and programmed a robot.

The one food she refuses to eat is _______________.

Tomatoes, but I love ketchup.

Bella chilling in the backyard with her poodle Roco.

Follow Bella Rose on Instagram @bellarosebrisbane

5 Fast Facts about singer Hillary Reese

From Tupelo, Mississippi, Hillary Reese was discovered on Facebook after putting 2 videos up — both of which received over one million views. The response led her to pursue recording original works at a recording studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

Hillary will be performing singles from her upcoming debut EP throughout the United States in 2020 as a standalone feature artist and as an artist in SOS Foundation’s: SOS Tour, (

Here’s 5 fast facts about Hillary!

Feelings are a big part of what she does.

In my opinion the best part of this “business”is the feeling I get when I know someone has enjoyed my work or when they are left with a perspective they didn’t have before. I think that’s really what music is all about, knowing how someone else feels or has felt and gaining knowledge from that. At the end of the day we all have different views and beliefs so we should embrace that.

She wants you to know something about the Deep South.

There are plenty of misconceptions about people from the Deep South, but I think the one that really drives me crazy is people saying that we are not intelligent. You may think we are “slow talking hicks” but we have important things to say. We also have an instilled drive and work-ethic that will ultimately get us where we need to be. 

Forget song lyrics? Not a problem, she will just make them up!

The first time I sang in public I completely forgot the words and had to make up random words to go along with the song. That experience completely scarred me, but still to this day I do the same thing when I forget words. Oh well! 

She’s got brains.

I think people would be really surprised to know that I am a nerd at heart. I get really into books and I love math.

Steak tartare is a no-no.

I refuse to eat any raw meat! I can’t stand the taste of anything that has not been cooked, it’s simply disgusting! 

Here is a picture of me at a local college foot ball game – Ole Miss




5 Fast Facts about actor Jake Katzman

Jake Katzman starting acting professionally at the young age of six. He has been honored to work alongside of some of Hollywood’s Greatest Legends. He is known for his extensive work in television, major feature films, as well as a principal role on Broadway in the musical “Kinky Boots.” He is a singer, songwriter and musician and his original music is streaming on most music platforms.

Jake is the host for his upcoming show #JustJake which is about “Good Kids Doing Great Things,” produced by Busted Bear Productions. Jake’s new movie titled Team Marco directed by Julio Vincent Gambuto was just voted “Audience Favorite” at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Jake!

He’s worked with some big names already.

Working with Brendon Urie (Panic of the Disco) on Broadway in Kinky Boots. Brendon would mentor me on my music and we would play video games in his dressing room. Also working with Glenn Close was so much fun. Working along side Glenn Close was magical. In between takes I would get to play with her cute dog.

But there’s ONE thing he isn’t too fond of about show biz.

Balancing work and school. I go to public school when I am off from work and it is really important to me to get good grades.

Some of us can probably relate to his most embarrasing moment.

I wore two different sneakers to school and had to run the mile in gym. Lets’ just say the two different sneakers made me off balance and I was one of the last to finish.

He plays team dodge ball.

I play on a dodge ball team when I can at trampoline park. 

No raw fish for him.

I pretty much eat everything but Sushi. It looks good, but just can’t do it! Candy Gummy Sushi is Epic!!!