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5 Fast Facts about singer MicahBlu

MicahBlu is currently on the “Back to School” High School Nation Tour as the headliner, featuring her Urban Pop style. The Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/dancer wrote her first song at age 9!

She has a very striking appearance — focused on the color blue of course. From her bio:

Blu is known for her bold blue hair, blue lips, blue nails and blue shoes! What she makes a point to say is that the blue is more than a color. For MicahBlu- Blue is more of a feeling… it’s a vibe. It represents her creative happy place and when and how she discovered and nurtured her love for music as a very little girl.

When she was a little girl, she had a little blue play room off of her bedroom. In there she spent hours at a time lining up her dolls and performing for them. She wrote her first song in this room and when she was writing and exploring, she was staring at the blue wall and even though she didn’t realize the meaning at the time that was actually the beginning of her blue journey.

Check out the video for her song “Jealous” here: https://www.y

Here’s 5 fast facts about MicahBlu!

There is one moment in her career which really stands out for her.

So far one of the most special moments was making my music video Do or Die.  I don’t know but at that moment I felt as though my dreams were finally coming true. I was like excited and teary all at the same time.

She’s got good advice for anyone being bullied.

Yea I’ve been bullied before, I would say I believe most bullies are so insecure they try to target other people to make themselves feel better.  If you are being bullied tell someone immediately.  Don’t just let people think its okay to mistreat you.  We deserve better than that! 

There is one cringey memory which still haunts her…

 My most embarrassing moment in my life was when I tripped and fell on my face during lunch.  EVERYONE laughed and I’m pretty sure I still have PTSD…

She sometimes gives off the wrong impression.

Because I’m so quiet initially people think I’m mean or shy.  I just like to get to know people before opening up.  I’m actually super goofy and a little awkward at times OH and I LOVE scary movies. 

There is one must-have in her purse.

I ALWAYS carry blue lipstick!

* Can we please get an unpublished selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans? : ) 

This is a photo of me RIGHT NOW as real as it gets lol.  This is me after the show in my hotel room answering these questions. 😊

5 Fast Facts about singer and actor Erich Schuett

Erich Schuett started performing in front of crowds at age five, and by the age of nine he was already singing, dancing, and acting in competitive engagements. Erich’s accomplishments include: played Friedrich for the Broadway 50th Anniversary National Tour of The Sound of Music; finalist in the American Protégé International Vocal Competition; sang at Carnegie Hall Stern Auditorium; 2018 Honors Performance Series Sydney Opera House Finalist; 2017 Grammy consideration for his first professional recording “A Christmas Presence.”

Erich’s first feature film 18 TO PARTY is premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival, Friday October 4th at 9:30PM at Upstate Films in Woodstock and Sunday October 6th at 3:15PM at the Rosendale Theatre in Rosendale.

Here are 5 fast facts about Eric Schuett!

He started with a classical approach.

Singing is a craft I have worked on seriously since the age 9 and I continue to grow every day. The one piece of advice I can give would be to practice. It makes a huge difference and never force anything. There’s no one thing that can make you a singer overnight.  I was also told by my first voice teacher Mr. Craig Wich that I should start with classical study, that it would help me grow and develop safely.  In my opinion it was a game changer and I still sing and study opera.   

He’s got advice for kids who are being bullied.

Oh of course, I used to get bullied all the time. People would always make fun of me for what I did. They thought it was all fake and I was so full of myself. And to be honest, I’m really not. I love helping others and to those of you who are being bullied try to ignore it and know some people are not happy and want to hurt others.  If they continue, get some of evidence of it, (like a video or audio recording or pictures) and show it to a teacher and tell your parents.        

He’s got a good attitude about mistakes.

Most? I’ve had a ton. I’m honestly a walking embarrassment half the time. One of the worst was when I was singing for a cabaret and I cracked on almost every single high note. It was mortifying, my voice was just starting to change.  I kept on singing and finished the song strong and was able to laugh after, life is never a game of perfect!        

Rust Bros is probably high on his list of shows to watch.

I’m a huge car guy. I love working on and driving cars. its such a far cry from singing, but hey, its what I like!  I became obsessed when I was younger watching hot wheels cartoons and collecting the cars, I have thousands of them today.       

He’s got ONE little-bitty communication challenge.

Talking over people. I do it ALL the time but its not intentional. Usually I do it when I’m really excited for something and want to tell everyone right away.  When I was younger in school they called it a blurt alert!

5 Fast Facts with actor Cooper Jack Rubin

Cooper Jack Rubin plays “Harold” in the new Showtime dark comedy series, On Becoming a God in Central Florida starring Kirsten Dunst. Set in a small Orlando-adjacent town in 1992, the series follows Krystal Stubbs (Dunst), a minimum-wage water park employee who lies, schemes and cons her way up the ranks of the cultish, multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme, Founders American Merchandise (FAM).

Here’s five fast facts about Cooper Jack Rubin! 

Photo: Shandon Youngclaus

His favorite cake flavor is Chantilly.

My most special moment in the industry is when the cast and crew of On Becoming A God in Central Florida celebrated my birthday! I got chantilly cake which is definitely my favorite! But it was a great feeling seeing all of the people that have worked so hard to come together for my birthday.

Simon Cowell was actually nice to him.

I was definitely star struck when I met Simon Cowell in Mexico. It was late at night and I rushed to get there! I introduced myself and he said, “Oh Cooper nice to meet you!” My family and I enjoy watching America’s Got Talent, so this moment was amazing for me!

His dad loves to troll.

Sometimes my Dad will do something CRAZY when he drops me off at school. He rolls down the windows and turns the radio up really loud. Or he sings so people can hear or calls me baby names. That isn’t the best way to start my day!

There is something very surprising about his hair!

Well I’ve never had a haircut! I know my hair is long but I’m guessing that would surprise people!

Pumpkin spice? Cooper says “No thanks!”

I absolutely REFUSE to eat anything with cinnamon in it!! I can’t stand it!

5 Fast Facts with singer Anastasia Silver

Anastasia Silver is a 21-year-old starlet EDM Pop artist who will be performing on the S.O.S. Foundation‘s 2020 national tour to help provide a platform for at-risk youth to be safe to share their traumatic experiences with abuse or neglect.

She just released her second single, Up In Smoke, about not giving up on your special someone even when the chips fall (available on all platforms).

Here’s 5 fast facts about Anastasia!

She’s performed at the Special Olympics.

When I had the opportunity to perform at the Special Olympics a few years back–it was an amazing experience and I was so honored to perform for all of the incredible athletes coming from all over the world. 

DJ Zedd once wore her bracelet for an entire show.

I am not one to get star struck except by one person and that is my favorite DJ Zedd. I was at a pool party in Vegas that he was performing at and he took my bracelet that I made and wore it the entire show. It was crazy because my favorite DJ noticed me! I absolutely love his music and think he’s insanely talented so that was a really cool experience, but that was the only time I have ever been star struck. 

She was an accidental zombie once.

-I was a backup dancer for a Michael Jackson tribute concert that was sold out in Idaho and I accidentally walked out with my thriller costume dressed like a zombie when it was actually smooth criminal that was next. 

Both her parents were drug addicts – but she persevered.

I have had a very rough childhood. Both of my parents were drug addicts, in and out of prison. It was very hard for me to get through school with all that was going on in my life but I pushed through everything and am pursuing my dreams. 

She doesn’t eat animals.

Hummus — I am obsessed! I am vegetarian so hummus is my go to snack!

Selfie time!

Interview with teen performer Starr Hague

Hi Starr, nice to e-meet you! Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of show biz.   

A little bit about me outside of the industry is that I love to take dance classes, hang out with friends as well as have a Instagram photo shoots with my friends.

Great! You are currently producing your first EP right? Tell us about it and why you think people are going to want to give it a listen? 

Currently I am actually just working on three singles and they’re all based on a different chapter in my life.  I think people will definitely give it a listen because it is really relatable and empowering to people my age  Going through similar things.

In addition to singing, you also act. What can you share about upcoming acting roles?  

In addition to singing, I am currently working on this role that is a double personality character she’s sassy sweet and mysterious all wrapped in one .

What has been your most memorable show biz moment so far?

So far my most memorable showbiz moment has been having my boyfriend also land a role in the film I’m currently working on just by being at my house — talk about destiny.

Why exactly are you a singer & actress? These are tough jobs, so what is the payoff for you personally?

I am a singer and actress but I would more describe myself as just an all-around performer. I just have had great stage presence since I was young and love everything about the entertainment industry and spotlight.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced so far in this industry? 

The biggest challenge I face thus far in the industry is frustration. They always say that you are your own worst critic, so it’s hard to be satisfied with where you’re at now since you’re always pushing and striving for your fullest potential.

And your biggest accomplishment?

I would say my biggest accomplishment is the film that I’m working on now if it takes off the way we want it to.

Tell us about your work as an anti-bully advocate. Why do you support this cause?

I am definitely a supporter of a non-bullying environment because of all the hate that’s been spread around and social media. I don’t think anyone deserves to be put through unkind words and actions.  I’ve watched it affect so many people being influencers.

If you could pass one law that everyone on the planet had to follow without question, what would it be and why? 

If I could pass one law that everyone on the planet had to follow , It would be for everyone to accept each other for how they are and learn to agree to disagree and not use violence in a way to solve issues.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you? 

People would be surprised to know that before I was involved in the industry I was a competitive gymnast on the road to becoming a future Olympian.

Biggest pet peeve? 

My biggest pet peeve is people pronouncing words wrong.

Favorite food? 

My favorite food would have to be hibachi dinner and my favorite dessert would have to be cookies with ice cream on top.

Secret fear? 

My secret fear is ghosts. 

What’s the last movie or show you watched, and give me a review…but you can only use TWO WORDS for the review : ) 

The last show that I watched was the vampire diaries and my review is “OK wow.”

Describe your pets and their names! 

I have one German Shepherd and one mixed breed their names are Ninja and Lucky Charms.

The one thing I cannot live without is__________. 

One thing that I cannot live without is my phone .

Most embarrassing moment IRL you wish you could do over?

My most embarrassing moment in real life is forgetting my dance solo on stage.

Secret beauty hack?

My secret beauty hack is to use clear mascara instead of brown gel.

What else are you working on or have coming up next? 

I’m currently working on the writing of a new song and then figuring out how to release them.

Could we get a selfie of whatever you are doing at the moment? It’s something we ask to keep it real for the fans!  

Right now I’m getting ready to go hang out with friends and I have just done my make up.

5 Fast Facts with dancer Jada Malay

Jada Malay is #JustAKidFromAkron. Sounds familiar right? Jada is a trained dancer that hails from the hometown of LeBron James – Akron, Ohio. Quickly rising and gaining social media notoriety from Tik Tok, Dubsmash and Instagram, Jada is taking the Gen Z dance community by storm and adding her own spice. At the tender age of 12 years old, Jada’s passions are advocating for Anti-Bullying and encouraging every dancer that no matter their level of dancing that they are enough and can do anything they put their minds to. 

Here’s 5 fast facts about Jada Malay!

Credit: 1 Priority Photography 

In addition to dancing, she is also a host.

My most special moment was booking my first hosting gig. Booking gigs never gets old, but it’s nothing like getting that first call for something you’ve worked so hard for. I hosted a talent show where I was able to interact and just have fun with the crowd, those are my favorite times to really just be engaged. Oh, and not to mention meeting the special performers of that night  Tootie Raw and Ivy, who are the children of legendary rapper Boosie. 

She gets recognized on the street!

Strangest moment is when my supporters come up to me when they see me in public and start crying because they’re excited to meet me. I’m like, “It’s just me…Jada.” LOL, I’m still getting used to this fame thing. Being recognized for dancing and doing what I love on social media takes away from the strangeness a little. 

She once had bad case of Escalaphobia.

My most embarrassing moment was when I was at the mall with my family and I fell down the escalators because I was too chicken to walk down them like a normal person…[inserts facepalm]. Oh and I failed to mention (or not) that I was crying tears that were not of joy. For the life of me I still don’t understand why there wasn’t another way downstairs beside the escalator.

She’s trying to break into acting.

People would be surprised to know that even though I am a dance sensation and dancing is what I love to do, I want to do more than “just dance.” I have aspirations of becoming an actor one day.  *patiently waits to get booked for a role*

She just CANNOT eat this one thing, which probably drives her mom crazy: ____________.

Well naming one is going to be impossible when I will absolutely REFUSE to eat vegetables. I just don’t like the taste of them. I know they’re supposed to be good for you and all but I just CANNOT. I do like corn though. 

Selfie time!

Just got out of school! GO TO SCHOOL KIDS!!  @JadaMalayTV  @JadaMalayTV

Dubsmash – @JadaMalayTV

TikTok – @JadaMalay_TV

5 Fast Facts about actor Eli D Goss

Eli is a 6 year old actor and model who was recently honored with the Best Young Actor Award from the American Youth Film Festival, is a member of the Young Artists Academy.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Eli D Goss.

He’s already an award winner yet only six years old!

The moment it was announced I won Best Young Actor from the American Youth Film Festival 2019. I was so surprised because the other kids had been in the business longer and had more experience. I also liked it because I got to go to Atlanta and meet my GA actor friends. 

He’s too cool for school when it comes to being starstruck.

No, not yet.

He almost ended up with the wrong set of parents.

OMG this one time we were out me, mommy and daddy and it was super crowded. I thought mommy and daddy were right behind me (they weren’t, but still behind me and knew where I was). We were watching the monster trucks and I turned around, grabbed (I thought daddy’s hand) and said “look at that!!!!”  Well….. it wasn’t my daddy. 

He’s empathetic.

I don’t like it when other people are in pain or cry. When that happens I try to help make things better any way I can. 

Its best not to serve him broccoli or spinach or even green Jolly Ranchers.

I dont eat green. Nope. Not even a little bit. No green no way!!!!

me and my kitten Speedway

5 Fast Facts with actress Ava Connolly

Ava Connolly is a 9 year old actress who is known for Netflix’s movie Zero, TV series Rings, Secrets Society, Life Itself, Playtime, Emmy and the upcoming feature film Voices. Not only that, bt she has already written and directed her first short, about how cell phones are hurting families! It was chosen by the Kids First Film Festival as an official selection and was also selected as finalist in the Peak City International Film Festival. Ava won Best Child Actresses at the Top Shorts Film Festival for her film (scroll down to the bottim to see it). 

Here’s 5 fast facts about Ava Connolly!

She was very excited to receive her “real actor” card!

The most exciting day for me so far in the entertinment industry was the day I got on the computer and checked my SAG status and I was finally SAG eligible. I had been checking it every day for two months. I couldn’t believe it so I started yelling mom mom and she came running because she thought something was wrong.  We went out to dinner to celebrate !!

She was starstruck by a famous Bollywood actress — who gave her lots of chocolates!

I was on set of the Bollywood movie Zero and I was starstruck by Ms. Anushka Sharma. She was so sweet to me and she’s beautiful and she brought me this really good chocolate candy every day!!!

Her most cringe-worthy moment is totally relatable — and has a VERY happy ending.

My most embarrassing moment in real life was when I told my mom I had a boyfriend in 3rd grade. But I never told him. He had no idea I liked him.  So my mom came to school for our Christmas party and she met him and said “oh your Ava’s boyfriend” and he was embarrassed and said I don’t know what you are talking about. My face was hot it was so red from being embarrassed but the good part was after Christmas break he was my real boyfriend — well as real as third grade boyfriends can be!

She’s hecka smart.

People would be surprised to know I love looking up rare words and I’m kinda obsessed with vocabulary words people aren’t familiar with. Like pulchritudinous!!!!  I found it last week. It’s pretty cool to learn rare words. Oh and I love entomology.

She has turned down good money just to not eat this one thing.

I refuse to eat green beans. My sister offered me $20 to try one but those things look so gross no way will I ever try one. 

Here’s what she eats instead.





5 Fast Facts with actor Lance Alexander

Actor Lance Alexander plays the recurring role of Elvis in Netflix’s newest sitcom, Family Reunion. The show follows the McKellan family and their move from Seattle to a small town in Georgia where their traditional grandparents challenge their big-city ways. Alexander stars alongside Anthony Alabi, Loretta Devine, and Talia Jackson.

Lance has also appeared on Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home and Teachers on TV Land as well as commercials for Boost Mobile, Anchor Hocking, and Michael’s “Slime Make Off” starring Busy Philips and Nick Cannon.

When he is not acting, he volunteers with Best Buddies, an international organization that creates opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Here’s 5 fast facts about Lance Alexander! 

He’s got two favorite actors.

I respect the dedication and versatility of work from Ms. Loretta Devine and Will Smith, their resumes are amazing. 

His family doesn’t understand how garbage cans work.

I have so many pet peeves!! One of my biggest ones is when I am taking out the trash and my family adds more trash to the empty can before I can put in a new bag in. This drives me crazy. 

His favorite subject is __________.

This one is easy, Science for sure! I love doing experiments.

You might be surprised who his favorite comedian is!

No matter what’s going on and how crazy things are, my mother can always make me laugh. 

Lance will luckily not have to wait 10 hours at the DMV.

People may be surprised to hear I have no plans to ever get my driver’s license or drive while living in Los Angeles. Driving here looks so scary! 

Selfie time!

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5 Fast Facts with TikTok star JakesAlright (Jake Sellers)

JakesAlright (Jake Sellers) is a social media influencer with over 350,000 followers on the platform TikTok. He is one of many creators with the “Popular Creator” barge on his profile and also has a growing Instagram profile.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Jake Sellers!

He really stans his fans...

The most special moment that i’ve had as an influencer so far is meeting my supporters. It makes me feel so special and loved when they come up to me asking for a photo and a hug. If I had the chance to meet all my supporters in one room, I totally would. 

…but one took it a little bit too far.

The strangest moment i’ve had so far was having a supporter on the ground crying when she met me. She was speechless and I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to just leave her there. 

A teacher woke him up once in a particularly suss way.

The most embarrassing moment I’ve had IRL was having my teacher show my videos during class. Not going to lie, I was asleep and she decided to wake me up by playing some of my videos, but it was still embarrassing.

He ain’t tall.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is that i’m short. Since people can’t really tell the height of somebody through a video, once they find out they are pretty shocked to know. 

Vegetarianism is not likely in his future.

One food that I REFUSE to eat would be anything with vegetables. I’ve grown up not eating vegetables and now when I see them they just make me uncomfortable. 

Selfie time!

This is a photo of what I am currently doing right now, I am doing a promotion with “TTDEYE” a colored contact company. I am wearing their gray polar light contacts. 

TikTok: @jakesalright

Instagram: @jakesalright

Snapchat: @jakesalright

twitter: @jakesalright_