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Nerf Rebelle 10 Mile FRS Walkie Talkie Review

Rebelle Walkie 1P1060573We received a pair of Nerf Rebelle 10 Mile FRS Walkie Talkies for review, and we have to say we really enjoyed using them. Let’s check out some of the specs and what we liked, and didn’t like, about these units.

The walkie talkies are small, and are easily usable by even little kids. The case is made of hard plastic, and while we didn’t drop the units intentionally to see if we could break them (although we were tempted to because, you know, science), they seem to be pretty durable.

Setup is super easy. Just install the provided 3 AAA batteries and press one button on the front which enters channel selection mode. Press the up and down keys to select one of 22 channels on each unit, and voila…you are done. Press the push-to-talk button on the side, and chat away!

The units sound pretty good for a kid’s toy, and they can get LOUD at max volume. So loud that you will attract attention from anyone within 20-30 feet! Volume is very easy to adjust, however.

These walkie talkies are advertised as working up to 10 miles apart. Well, we tested this around our neighborhood, and at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and can assure you that there is no way these are going to work at one mile apart in a typical town, let alone 10. Our top distance was about 3 to 4 blocks, but this is with plenty of buildings, cars and trees in the way. Perhaps at a campsite or beach you will have a better range,

A word on interference: while at Six Flags, we picked up some transmissions of park workers (we think) using their own walkie talkies. Switching channels remedied this, but just be aware that lots of people use FRS devices, so you might pick up some unwanted chatter on some channels.

Other good things about the Nerf Rebelle walkie talkies: long battery life (we’ve not changed ours in over a week of moderate use), belt clip on the back, bright colors, and just overall coolness compared with everyone else who just texts. These things are fun!P1060564

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SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

SkyBell is a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell that comes with an app that allows you to see who’s at your door (and talk to them) through a live video feed to your iOS and Android mobile devices, even if you are in another country!

Pretty cool idea, right?

Here are some of the features:

  • advanced motion sensor for sending alerts and video even when a visitor doesn’t press the button
  • contrast setting for more favorable lighting
  • ‘on-demand’ feature that allows you to see out of the SkyBell camera at any time
  • turn off your home’s doorbell chime from the app
  • invisible night vision for viewing after dark
  • snap a picture or record a video stream directly to your device
  • looks cool

Like anything else though, there are a few cons

  • SkyBell requires full-time power and is designed to be connected to a wired, mechanical doorbell chime. This means installation is a pain, and we wish they would simply make a battery-powered version you could stick anywhere.
  • apartment dwellers cannot use the device, because of the above.
  • image quality is not the greatest.

The product retails for about $200, and you can get it on Amazon .

Sky Bell

Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System

For those of us who want a bit of color in time for Graduation without exposure to dangerous UV rays, Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System promises a solution.

The way the system works is pretty ingenious. You first charge the unit’s batteries (takes about half a day), and then load it up with six cans of a special spray liquid, composed of DHA plus skin moisturizers and conditioners.

Then you hang the unit from a door, such as a bedroom or bathroom, and stand in front of it. After activation, the unit starts to spray all six cans simultaneously, and beeps indicate the speed at which you should be turning to ensure full and even coverage.

home mist tan sloulsl

After being sprayed, you use the included plastic gloves to spread it around to spots that might have been missed, such as the tops of your feet, behind the ears, the neck, etc. and that’s it! After a few hours, the chemicals set and you are tan!

The system retails for $334.95, but if you would like to try the system they are offering a special for $249 through the end of June 2015.

Go here to find out more or to place an order:


“Keep Fresh, Stay Rad” 100 Cool & Funky Postcards Giveaway!

With everybody texting and tweeting these days, communication often lacks the personal touch.


A new set of postcards by a bunch of hip designers from both coasts can help bring some of that back, however.

Keep Fresh, Stay Rad by Friends of Type is a set of 100 cards featuring epic designs and messages inspired by everything from 1980s pop culture to skateboarding. Use them for any occasion, or simply to impress someone who’s Twitter feed is just too bloated to notice you.

Also included is a 24 page booklet where the designers share some of their creative processes.

You can buy the product here, or win a box of Keep Fresh, Stay Rad from Teens Wanna Know! Scroll down for instructions!




How to enter:

Simply follow @teenswannaknow on Twitter and tweet the following line from your account by 10/03/14:

I’ve entered to win #KeepFreshStayRad by @friendsoftype from @teenswannaknow at #giveaway #freebie #contest

Contest is open to U.S. addresses only. We will pick one (1) random winner on 10/04/14. Winner will be notified by DM on Twitter, so must be following @teenswannaknow in order to be eligible to win.


CERA Wireless Bluetooth Speakers from Tego Audio

Deejaying a small get-together wirelessly using an iPad or smartphone seems like a pretty cool idea, right? Well, check out this Bluetooth beauty from Tego Audio which allows you to do just that.

tego cera whiite

The CERA Wireless Portable Speaker from Tego Audio quickly pairs with your device and delivers big sound from a small, futuristic-looking device.

While we weren’t provided a unit to unbox and review, the features seem impressive and include:

  • the ability to daisy chain an infinite number of speakers to fill a room with sound
  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • works up to 33 ft. away from your wireless device
  • 360° of sound
  • illuminated touch control panel
  • up to 7 hours of playback with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • a 1/8” jack is available to connect non-Bluetooth devices
  • lightweight, only 5.5 oz

The CERA is available in black, white and red. Pricing is $89.99 for a single unit, or you can purchase a three-pack for maximum value at $199.99 with any combination of colors.

Check it out at

tego cera red tego cera black