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Teens Can Make Money & Wear Their Own Designs with Redbubble

For teens who possess that entrepreneurial spirit, working at the local burger joint or clothing store at the mall just isn’t going to cut it. Rather than slave away for minimum wage while being micromanaged by a cranky boss, those with some design skills can turn that into moolah by uploading their designs to Redbubble.

nathaniel pena
Model: Nathaniel Pena

Redbubble, similar to competitors Cafepress and Zazzle, allows you to upload your own original art designs which are then printed on-demand whenever an order is placed. The difference between the companies seems to be mainly in quality, with Redbubble offering premium materials and a larger “canvas” to display your artwork on shirts, for example.

Model: Michael M. Pena
Model: Michael M. Pena

As such, Redbubble attracts some really great designers who print their art on:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Stickers
  • iPhone cases and protectors for other devices
  • Posters
  • Metal Prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • and more

How can teens make money? Simple, Redbubble allows you to charge a markup to their base price, and you keep the profits!

Just in time for the summer, they have just introduced two new products you can put your art on: ladies’ scoop shirts and unisex tank tops made by American Apparel from 100% soft jersey cotton.

Model: Keira Pena
Model: Keira Pena

Redbubble was kind enough to send us a few samples, and Teens Wanna Know hosts Michael, Nathaniel and Keira immediately stole claimed them, remarking on how comfortable they felt against the skin and how cool the designs were. So, you will probably see them wearing them around town!

Disruptus – A Brain-Boosting Game for both Teens and Adults

We received a sample of a relatively new product called Disruptus, and decided to review it for you teens out there looking for a fun game to entertain yourselves that involves actual face-to-face human interaction, as opposed to staring at a glowing rectangle all day (aka your iPhones).

Everything you need to play Disruptus. Oh yeah people, you need people too.

According to the maker, Funnybone Toys, “Disruptus™ draws inspiration from the very important practice of ‘disruptive thinking’. Disruptive thinking is one of the most powerful ways to innovate. It has been used to create ideas and objects like digital music, camera phones, and car sharing programs.”

So the whole point of this game is to get each player to look at things in a new way, spurring their creative juices while having fun.

Disruptus has an extremely simple set-up: you get a stack of 100 cards, each of which features a different item, such as a toilet bowl or a bicycle. You roll a die imprinted with six different actions on each face. Whichever action you roll, you must do using one or two cards drawn from the stack.

For example, you might roll a “Transform.” You pick a card from the stack, and it is the aforementioned toilet bowl. All players use a sketchpad (included) or scrap paper to describe or draw their best or most outrageous concept of a “Transformed” toilet bowl (a new use for it) before time runs out in the included hourglass. Sky’s the limit here, so you could sketch something like a toilet bowl in a garden with plants growing out of it, or a toilet that has a water fountain spouting from the bowl itself. When time’s up, a judge asks each player to describe their transformation, and picks the best in his or her opinion. Score one for the winner, and the next person rolls the die.

Really simple. Perhaps a bit too simple and cerebral for typical teens to get into when gathered around socially with their friends.

So rather than recommend this as a great game for teens at home (although it could be that for the right sort of household), we think that this product would shine best in educational settings. Every classroom would benefit from having this and doing a weekly Disruptus session, as it really does force players to exercise their creativity. 

Another place this game belongs is in companies big and small. Google employees should be playing this. NASA employees as well, as it would probably inspire them to come up with cheaper and safer ways to explore space.

And we can also see the value in just rolling the die, picking up a card, and using disruptive thinking when you are by yourself in order to break out of a creative rut or simply provide a boost of inventiveness when needed.

For more information please visit


Stop Losing Your Keys with Finders Key Purse

We received a sample of a pretty clever little device that provoked a “why didn’t anyone think of this before” response. Introducing the Finders Key Purse (sounds like “finder’s keepers,” get it?) invented by former airline attendant Sandy Stein of West Hills, CA with some heavenly inspiration

The unit we received
The unit we received

The device simply consists of a curved piece of metal decorated with a nice charm on one end and fitted with a clasp on the other. You attach your key ring to the clasp and place the device over the rim of your purse or backpack.

The side of the hook with the decoration goes outside, and the business end goes inside your purse or backpack. This makes it easy to find your keys, as the hook keeps them from falling to the bottom of the bag.

Here is an example of what it should look like from the outside. The keys, wallet, pen or whatever else you can attach to the clasp stay protected inside! aaaakey While the product clearly seems it was designed for females originally, there are some charm designs which are suitable for boys as well on the Finder’s Key Purse website. You can also find the product available on Amazon.

Now, what was the heavenly inspiration we mentioned earlier? Well, it seems that the inventor was going through a financial rough patch, and asked her deceased father for some guidance. In a dream, he described this invention, and she ran with it. Against all odds, she sold a whopping FOUR MILLION in her first year…what an inspiring story!

Would you like your own Finder’s Key Purse for FREE? Well, we are giving away our review sample about to a lucky winner (must live in the U.S.) on Twitter on Monday April 28, 2014. Follow us on Twitter @teenswannaknow  ( and watch our feed for a special tweet we will ask you to retweet. We will pick a lucky winner at random from everyone who retweets us!

Teen Fave Cher Lloyd Rocks It at Star Magazine’s Hollywood Rocks! Event


Cher-PerformanceSinger Cher Lloyd performed a few of her hits at Star Magazine’s Hollywood Rocks Event on Wednesday at supperclub in Hollywood, and the executive producers of Teens Wanna Know were there to check it out.

First, visitors were greeted with healthy, all-you-can drink portions of Jamba Juice, including all-natural shots of lemon and ginger to perk everyone up. Those of drinking age were also offered unlimited wine from Yellowtail and spirited drinks courtesy of Svedka.

Guests mingled and checked out the other sponsors kicking up the Hollywood glam factor, which included:

  • Got2b, who provided free hair touchups and hairstyling products to all guests
  • Effy, who handed out amaaaazing edible jewelry
  • Just Fab, Austrailian Gold, Cottonelle and Hydroxycut
We kid you not, this is edible candy!

Finally, at roughly 9 p.m., hearthrob James Maslow of Big Time Rush fame and his Dancing With the Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd took to the stage to welcome everyone and bring up the one and only Cher Lloyd, who brought the crowd to its feet as she performed her new song “Sirens” as well as favorites “Swagger Jagger” and “Want U Back.”

There were also acrobats. Here are a few cel phone clips.

There were plenty of celebs in attendance, and we snapped a couple of selfies:

All in all, a great night. Now for some more pictures:

Peta Murgatroyd and James Maslow on the red carpet
Cher Lloyd performing at Hollywood Rocks!
Cher Lloyd on the red carpet

CERA Wireless Bluetooth Speakers from Tego Audio

Deejaying a small get-together wirelessly using an iPad or smartphone seems like a pretty cool idea, right? Well, check out this Bluetooth beauty from Tego Audio which allows you to do just that.

tego cera whiite

The CERA Wireless Portable Speaker from Tego Audio quickly pairs with your device and delivers big sound from a small, futuristic-looking device.

While we weren’t provided a unit to unbox and review, the features seem impressive and include:

  • the ability to daisy chain an infinite number of speakers to fill a room with sound
  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • works up to 33 ft. away from your wireless device
  • 360° of sound
  • illuminated touch control panel
  • up to 7 hours of playback with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • a 1/8” jack is available to connect non-Bluetooth devices
  • lightweight, only 5.5 oz

The CERA is available in black, white and red. Pricing is $89.99 for a single unit, or you can purchase a three-pack for maximum value at $199.99 with any combination of colors.

Check it out at

tego cera red tego cera black

Customizable Prom Dresses Make Individuality Easy and Affordable This Party Season

With Prom season in full swing, many girls are looking beyond the off-the-rack look and seeking something completely individualized — without spending hundreds of dollars, of course.

Online fashion retailer is providing a solution with its unique customization features, allowing teens to get a customized dress to their exact measurements, regardless of their size. This is great for larger girls who might not have many choices at traditional shops, as well as the very petite ones who might have to shop in the little girls section to find something that fits.

Some of the customization options include:

  • added sleeves
  • a scalloped neckline
  • extended or shortened lengths

The best part? The pricing, which is comparable to off-the-rack dresses or even a bit cheaper. So not only can you get a one-of-a-kind look, but you can save money to boot!

Below are a few looks put together by the store, accessorized by SuperJeweler

 green dress

Bangle Bracelets | Dress |  Beaded Earring


Diamond Stud Earrings | Skylar Dress | Diamond Necklace | Bangle Bracelet Set



Diamond Stud Earrings | Diamond Ring | Dress | Stretch Cuff Bracelet


 Pearl Drop Pendant | Dress | Pearl Stud Earrings | Diamond Bracelet


Teens, Free Up Your Netflix Account with Kidoodle.TV


Nothing is worse than having your kid brother or sister take over your Netflix account and add the latest Barney episodes to your queue. It certainly messes up your recommendations, doesn’t it?!

And you never know just what kind of content they are going to stumble upon — you really don’t need to hear the screams of terror as the latest episode of The Walking Dead is accidentally loaded up on your family’s iPad, do you?

Fortunately, a new streaming site has sprung up which not only will save you the embarrassment of having Tinkerbell’s Fairy Adventures in your “Recently Watched” list, but will also keep your young family members from viewing inappropriate content.

Kidoodle.TV is a subscription streaming service designed for children 12 and under, with loads of tot- and tween-friendly shows like My Little Pony, Caillou, Transformers, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Adventures of Chuck & Friends, Mona the Vampire, as well as science, nature, and wildlife content from National Geographic, such as “Crittercam” and “Wild Chronicles”. More content is slated to be added.

6_Purple Kid Profile _ 2013-09-23 at 1.48.18 PM

The platform is available for both Mac and PC environments, as well as iPad and iPhone app available through the Apple App Store. Access on Android and gaming consoles will also be available over the coming months, so hopefully both Xbox and Playstation-equipped.families can enjoy the service on a big screen soon.

For parents, Kiddoodle.TV offers the ability to create up to 5 profiles, with different age-restrictions and passcode protections for each.


Offering a 14 day free trial period, subscribers can sign up for Kidoodle.TV at for only $4.99/month plus any applicable taxed for unlimited streaming of children’s content. Annual subscriptions are available at $49.99/year plus tax.

This is so cheap, most teens can afford to buy it for their younger siblings themselves (but check with your parents first, please)!

For more information, visit

Travis Miller Releases “Livin Good” Music Video

Travis Miller 3

Southern California continues to be arguably the most important breeding ground for independent music careers. The sheer amount of talent here — from singers, songwriters, rappers, and dancers to filmmakers and music producers — makes it hard to keep up with all the releases and pick out favorites.

Up and coming artist Travis Miller’s new video for “Livin Good” definitely makes an impression. The spot covers a day in the life of a poor sap who suffers various indignities as he goes about his business (like having a girl beat on him for no apparent reason, and driving a car with a taped-up Target shopping bag in lieu of a window). All this while he ironically brags about how he is “Livin Good.” Throw in some krump dancing and other street styles, and it makes for an entertaining four minutes and 12 seconds.

Check out the video below, and peep Travis’ social media here:


New Clothing Brand “Girls Will Be” Aims to Break the “Girly” Mold

Main image - girls pyramidLaunching a business is hard enough. Launching a business which challenges long-ingrained gender fashion archetypes is even harder.

Girls Will Be is a clothing brand that aims to do just that, by producing clothing that avoids the stereotypical pink-and-glitter so common in girls’ clothing, while still remaining uniquely feminine.

We asked one of the founders, Sharon Burns Choksi, a few quick questions about the company and the inspiration behind it:

1. Why launch this clothing line in a market which is already glutted with brands — what makes you stand out?

The girls clothing market is glutted with brands that all pretty much look alike, especially if you are talking about the larger brands you find in the mall, catalogs, and online. Girls Will Be stands out because of our four style rules: colors beyond pink, no “girly” embellishments, imagery that break gender stereotypes, and styles that let girls be kids.

Finding clothes that do not break any of these rules is quite a challenge! Even when you can tell a retailer is trying to offer a “less girly” style, it’s as if they can’t quite bring themselves to eliminate all the “girly” at the same time. You’ve all seen the blue soccer shirt covered in hearts, the pink Spiderman t-shirt, or the jeans with rhinestones on the pockets, right? Those work for some girls, but not for all of them. We design clothes for those other girls!

2. Why are you countering the stereotypical girly look — what is wrong with that in your eyes?

There is nothing wrong with pink and sparkles and ruffles and bows. But there is a problem when that is the only option offered to girls. Girls who do not like the “stereotypical girly” look should not have to shop in the boys department to find clothes that reflect who they are and what they like. We want them to know it is also OK for girls to dress in a different style.

3. What challenges have you had to overcome in getting these products to market?

As a new, small business, the biggest challenge is getting the word out.

4. What is your background…have you successfully marketed other clothing products?

The clothing industry is new to all of us, but we bring a lot of other experience that has been extremely valuable in building this business. My background is strategy and business consulting, as well as marketing at Dell. My sister, Laura Burns, is an experience graphic designer and my brother, David Burns, is an architect and artist. Plus, as parents, we have spent countless hours shopping for our girls and know all too well the challenges faced by girls who do not want to wear the stereotypical “girly” styles. We want to make shopping easier for those girls!

laura and grace (hi res)
The founders of Girls Will Be

5. Where can people buy the products?

Our products are available on our website, Our clothes are currently available in sizes 4-12, and we will be adding a size 14 in late May.

6. What’s next for the brand/company?

We just finished a Kickstarter, which raised over $30,000 to add two styles of not-so-short shorts for girls to our line of t-shirts. So we are busy working to get those shorts made, as well as to introduce a few new t-shirt designs for summer. We know girls need more options in everything from pajamas to underwear to pants, so we will keep working to expand our line over time.

Be Awesome t-shirt

Get Beautiful, Camera-Ready Skin for Prom – 5 DIY Tips and Tricks

prom makeup tipsIt’s prom season, and we know how important it is to look your best on the big night. Dr. Vish Banthia, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of ZendyBeauty, provides some DIY solutions that will help your face radiate with a healthful glow without breaking the bank.

Note: Zendybeauty connects visitors with cosmetic procedure providers. We want to stress that while we appreciate the beauty tips below, most teens DO NOT need any kind of cosmetic procedure and are beautiful just the way they are!


Wash your face twice a day (no more) with warm water and a mild cleanser.  Always, remove your makeup before you go to sleep, and throw away any old makeup that smells or looks different from when you first bought it.


Resist the urge to pop pimples – this can push infected material further into the skin. Keep your hands away from your face – this can spread the bacteria that cause pores to become inflamed and irritated.

To keep bacteria at bay, wash your hands before applying anything to your face, such as treatment creams or makeup.


One of the most common skincare mistakes Dr. Banthia sees is an overabundance of products in one’s daily regimen. Using too many products may cause an inflammatory reaction or further irritation.

prom purse“TRY A DIY FACIAL

Steam your face! This is one of the simplest, most inexpensive treatments you can do at home – all you need is hot water, a pot or bowl and a towel. The steam does double duty by cleansing skin of impurities and hydrating it at the same time. It also boosts circulation and draws blood to the surface of the skin, giving the face a warm, healthy glow.  Just boil some water and put it in a pot or bowl.  Tie your hair back and use a towel as a tent for both the bowl and your head, and lean your face over the steam.  Do this carefully – give yourself about 12 inches of room – getting too close to hot steam can cause broken capillaries.  One minute of steaming is plenty – exposing skin to steam for too long can actually dry it out.

Afterwards, try ZendyBeauty’s signature yogurt mask: Take one teaspoon of yogurt; squeeze a lemon; and put a pinch of turmeric. Mix and apply to face for 10 minutes on a daily basis. Turmeric has high anti-oxidant potential; other ingredients within have lightening and brightening potential as a bonus.


Keratosis Pilaris – those pesky little bumps often found on the back of the upper arms and legs that are commonly referred to as “chicken skin” –  is a tough condition to treat and cure. The basic treatment concepts: exfoliate and moisturize.  When moisturizing, use something super emollient, like Vaseline to trap in moisture.

prom makeup