Complications That Can Arise with Braces

Braces and teens–it’s often a love-hate relationship, and for good reason. They will give you a straight, perfect smile in the long run, but in the meantime could make you feel pretty self-conscious. A lack of confidence and the potential for teasing aren’t the only troubles that can arise as a result of braces, though. There are physical complications that you could experience too, so here’s what to look out for!

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Tissue Injuries

Braces can be pretty rough on your mouth, especially if you aren’t used to them. The tissue on the inside of your mouth is soft and prone to injury, especially from constant contact with metal wires and brackets. This can lead to canker sores and general soreness and discomfort. As time goes on, however, Skor Orthodontics says you may find that you become less susceptible to tissue injuries. In the meantime, ask your orthodontist for help in reducing the pain and irritation, as well as healing sensitive areas.

Bad Breath

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is always a mood killer. Having braces can make you more susceptible to halitosis. This is because the hardware makes it easier for food particles to become trapped in your mouth. When bacteria break them down, one of the results is bad breath. Taking extra care when brushing your teeth can help with this. According to Stellar Family Orthodontics, brushing every bracket can ensure no food particles are left over. Don’t forget to floss too! It’s a little trickier with braces, but using something like a floss pick will help keep food particles from getting stuck between your teeth.

Tooth Decay

Remember those halitosis-causing bacteria? As it turns out, they can do far worse than just making your breath smell weird. According to Dentalcare, they are also responsible for the production of plaque, which wears away at your enamel and causes tooth decay. Again, carefully scrubbing and flossing your teeth and braces, including the areas between your teeth and under the wires, will help. This also helps prevent decalcification, which is part of what can make your teeth more vulnerable to developing cavities. Sensing a common theme here? Taking good care of your teeth while you have braces on will keep them healthy and looking beautiful.

Complications are a risk you take with anything that you do to improve your health, to one degree or another. The thing about complications with braces, however, is that they are largely preventable. As long as you’re properly taking care of both your braces and the rest of your mouth, you should be able to lower the risk of suffering any complications. Don’t forget to see your dentist and orthodontist!

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