Customizable Prom Dresses Make Individuality Easy and Affordable This Party Season

With Prom season in full swing, many girls are looking beyond the off-the-rack look and seeking something completely individualized — without spending hundreds of dollars, of course.

Online fashion retailer is providing a solution with its unique customization features, allowing teens to get a customized dress to their exact measurements, regardless of their size. This is great for larger girls who might not have many choices at traditional shops, as well as the very petite ones who might have to shop in the little girls section to find something that fits.

Some of the customization options include:

  • added sleeves
  • a scalloped neckline
  • extended or shortened lengths

The best part? The pricing, which is comparable to off-the-rack dresses or even a bit cheaper. So not only can you get a one-of-a-kind look, but you can save money to boot!

Below are a few looks put together by the store, accessorized by SuperJeweler

 green dress

Bangle Bracelets | Dress |  Beaded Earring


Diamond Stud Earrings | Skylar Dress | Diamond Necklace | Bangle Bracelet Set



Diamond Stud Earrings | Diamond Ring | Dress | Stretch Cuff Bracelet


 Pearl Drop Pendant | Dress | Pearl Stud Earrings | Diamond Bracelet


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