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Teens Wanna Know is a leading teen celebrity lifestyle and entertainment platform with over a decade’s worth of great interviews under our belt! We have many influential followers active in the entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle industries, as well as many regular fans who love to know more about you. If you want to build a buzz — get featured with us today!

WHO CAN BE FEATURED: actors, musicians, dancers, youtubers, influencers, models, filmmakers, etc. You can get featured on Teens Wanna Know’s 5 Fast Facts! or, if you would like a more thorough an in-depth piece, a full interview.

5 Fast Facts is a quick to produce, eye-catching format which you can use for social media shares and to build your media portfolio/press kit, not to mention boost your SEO and search engine presence. Our readers love it, and your fans will too!

Our full interviews are longer, magazine-style Q&As which cover your history and accomplishments in greater detail, and always include a set of fun questions to make you more relatable to our audience and web searchers. Expect 15+ questions, more pictures and the ability to embed YouTube videos, SoundCloud and Spotify embeds, etc. Consider this a full press feature while the 5 Fast Facts is a “snack.”

Requirements to be featured:

  • Must have entertainment industry credits such as IMDb, published modeling portfolio, music released on Spotify/iTunes etc. (indie ok) or be otherwise notable (Youtubers and TikTokers okay!).
  • An active social media presence on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Youtube etc.
  • Submission fee $50 for 5 Fast Facts, $125 for full interviews (refunded within 24 hours if submission not accepted)
  • Teens Wanna Know reserves the right to reject any submission at its own discretion.


  1. Send an email with pitch including a short biography, current projects (explain why you are newsworthy!) and all web and social links to: info@teenswannaknow.com with subject: TWK FEATURE SUBMISSION
  2. Send payment via http://paypal.me/penamedia referencing TALENT NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS WE SHOULD SEND QUESTIONS TO. 5 Fast Facts are $50, full interviews are $125.
  3. Upon receipt of answers back along with rest of needs (photos, social links, etc.) we will publish and send you the link for promotion within 48 hours.

Video interviews and event/red carpet coverage start at $395; contact us to discuss your event.

Teens Wanna Know is a leading teen celebrity lifestyle and entertainment platform with many influential followers active in the entertainment industry, as well as their fans. Build a buzz with your own TWK feature — get featured today!