Hobbies That You Can Turn into a Career in College

College is a busy time. When there are so many decisions to make about your major, which extracurricular activities to be involved in, and what you want your eventual career to look like, it can be difficult to know which of your creative skills can be transferred into a solid career path. Being deliberate about developing certain creative skills throughout college can set you up for a future career.

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Graphic Design

One great area to focus on in college is graphic design. It typically starts with a love of and a knack for photo editing programs. But with a little training, you can turn this type of hobby into an eventual career.

As you plan out college classes, think about taking a graphic design class to help familiarize yourself with commonly used graphic design skills. Or, look up videos on YouTube that walk you through the basics of graphic design. Learning some of these skills throughout college will help you identify areas of graphic design that you’re good at and will help you build a solid design portfolio for when you enter the workforce.


Film school will teach you a variety of skills that can immerse you in professional filmmaking. While in college, you can start small. Start by doing videos of your own trips and special moments—practice taking footage, editing videos, and then putting them to music. As you get better, you can even start to build your own wedding videography business.

As you start to do more and more wedding videos, you’ll refine your videography skills. But perhaps even more pertinent, you’ll also learn how to run your own business which will serve you well in the future.


As a college student, investing time in blogging can actually pay off big time as your blog starts to build traction. Taking certain Communications classes can help you get a greater grasp on how to structure your content, how to design a website, and how to connect your content to your social media.

Invest time in figuring out your own brand identity throughout college to set yourself up for success after graduation when you can devote more attention to developing a solid base of viewers and readers.

Using your creative knacks for an eventual career can seem daunting at first. With so many things to focus on in college, it can seem difficult to know what to do to make your creative skills profitable. Being deliberate about how you develop those skills can lead you to excellent career options after you graduate.  

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