Jobs That You Can Start With a High School Diploma

When you graduate from high school it is time to start thinking about what you want to do for a living. Whether you are going to college, learning a trade, or taking a gap year, it is helpful to know what kinds of jobs you have available to support yourself after high school. Below you will find a few great jobs that you can start with your high school diploma in hand.

nurse cna


For many high school graduates, a career in the medical field may be the eventual goal they are seeking. If you are in this position, getting a job as a CNA can be a great option to introduce you to the work and pay for your life and education. Working as a CNA is hard but rewarding and can give you a lot of insight into the medical system. You will need a certification to be a CNA but the courses are relatively short and inexpensive and can prepare you for your work pretty quickly.

Construction Worker

If you like working with your hands, you might consider working in construction after graduation. A construction job can give you great experience, the opportunity to be outside, and good pay. Construction is a higher-risk industry that makes injury more likely. It is important to prioritize safety whenever you are working construction.

A Pilot

If you are interested in hitting the skies, you can pursue a position as a commercial pilot if you have your highschool diploma. You will need a license before you can start, but it is a lucrative career that can be a great start. If you later decide that you want to be a pilot for airlines, you will need further licensing and most likely a college degree. But you can start out running cargo or flying tours around to build experience, get further hours in the air, and pay for your education as you go. There is tons of potential for growth as a pilot, which makes it a great career to start after high school.

Once you have graduated highschool you have unlimited options for what to do with your life. Choosing a great job early on can lead to a career or simply help you to pay your way through life while you decide what you want to do long term. As you work your new job you can start to explore all the options you have available.

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