Orange Prom Dresses: Have It But Don’t Know How To Style It?

orange prom dress

If you search for short orange prom dresses, Google will give you about 2,56,00,000 results in less than a minute! It’s fascinating to see the endless choices in this fun hue. Isn’t it?

Let us be honest: we have seen enough overused shades, like black or red. From celebrities honing noteworthy red-carpet looks to its dominance in women’s wardrobe picks, Orange is definitely becoming the new BLACK!

So, are you in search of something that makes you stand out at your prom night? If yes, gowns in this elegant shade will just do the job! But are you hesitant about wearing this eye-catching shade?

Worry not; we will guide you step-by-step to an unforgettable look!

With no further delay, let us get started on a look no one’s talking about in high school yet with this daring shade.

Is an Orange Gown an Ideal Fit for Every Skin Color?

The charm of this color is undeniably understated, but is it a choice that every girl can flaunt?

Yes, everybody can wear orange prom dresses! With an incredible variety of shades, there’s a hue that compliments you in the best way possible! Let us see how you can find the perfect dress in this enthusiastic shade for yourself:

Best Shades For Your Skin Tone

If you are a dark-skinned beauty, orange will work effortlessly for you. Two hues for tanned beauties, unapologetically the best, are pastel orange (which provides a pop against darker skin) and salamander orange.

On the contrary, for fair-skinned girls, shades like tangerine, light peach, or coral make the best pair. Bright orange prom dresses are another great choice for women with lighter skin tone.

Here is a detailed list of shades of orange for every skin tone:

Fair Skin ToneLight Skin ToneMedium Skin ToneDark Skin Tone
Coral OrangeSoft TangerineApricotBurnt OrangeMuted OrangePale OrangeCoral OrangeSoft TangerinePeachBurnt OrangeSalmonRust OrangePumpkin OrangeBurnt OrangeTerracottaRust OrangeTangerineClementineBurnt OrangeCopperPumpkin OrangeRust OrangeTangerineVibrant Orange

Skin Undertone

While many individuals solely focus on skin tone, here’s another aspect that shouldn’t be missed- skin undertone! These are subtle and muted shades that lie beneath the visible skin tone, providing a unique color to every skin tone. The three types of skin undertones are:

  • Cool (pink and blue hues)
  • Warm (peach to yellow and golden shades)
  • Neutral (similar shade as that of your skin tone)
Don’t know what your skin tone is? Here is to know your skin undertone.   Wrist Test: Check your veins! If your veins are blue to purplish, you have a cool undertone, and the undertone is warm for green or olive shades. If you fail to determine the color of your veins, you have a neutral undertone.

Best Shades for Your Undertones

Find different shades according to your undertone from the table below:

Warm UndertoneCool UndertoneNeutral Undertone
Burnt OrangeRust OrangeTerracottaPumpkin OrangeTangerineCopperCoral OrangePeachSoft TangerineApricotSalmonPale OrangeCoralPeachTangerinePumpkin OrangeBurnt OrangeRust OrangeTerracotta

Styling Tips for Your Orange Prom Dress

Here are some styling tips for you so that you don’t miss out on looking your best for your special night:

  • For this bold shade for prom, it is essential to find the right balance of color. Some of the bold colors that pair well with this shade include chocolate, green, blue, and dark green.
  • Are you worried about your tanned legs? If yes, choose long gowns for a confident look. For making your outfit extraordinary in long dresses, choose pieces with details like high-slits and strategic cut-outs. On the other hand, if you are confident about showing it off, orange short prom dresses will be an ideal pick.
  • Wondering what shoes will make you stand out? If you want the safest choices, try nude or black sandals like shown below.
orange prom dress

For a complete party look, try wearing stilettos in similar shades. Are stilettos not your comfort wear? You can opt for options like dress pumps or heeled footwear varieties like Platform, Kitten, Rhinestone, and Strappy Heels.

For women wanting a daring look, wear footwear in opposite shades that complement the orange prom dresses (like purple).

  • Picking the right jewelry can be difficult, but here are tips to make it easy for you: 
  1. Opt for color clash: Contrasting colors are best if you want to make a statement! Instead of opting for heavy jewelry pieces, try smaller and minimal pieces in contrasting shades. For instance, gemstones like sapphire and emerald are great options worth trying.
  • Go Metallic: When in doubt, go metallic! The undertones of golden and silver jewlery items help balance the color pairing.
  • Keep it Monochromatic: One trend that is never out of style is the monochromatic look! Pair your adorable gown in a shade similar to yours, and get ready to steal the spotlight with no effort! 

Find Inspirations From Fashion Trends

Let’s be honest; finding an ideal outfit is difficult! To ease the challenge, the latest trends can be your savior. For example, check out this sexy outfit perfect for your prom – worn by Regina King:

orange prom dress


Still can’t find a satisfactory look? You can take inspiration from classic trends that are not yet out of style.

For instance, Kylie Jenner proudly embraced the boldness of this hue for a launch party in July 2017—perfect inspiration for picking short orange prom dresses for your special day!

orange prom dress

Do you find sticking to trends a little monotonous? Add a hint of creativity to a classic trend and get a unique appearance in this bold hue! 


An orange short prom dress can be an exciting and bold choice that sets you apart on your special night.

With a range of shades to choose from, orange can complement every skin tone and undertone, making it a versatile option for all. In addition, note that with the right accessories, shoes, and jewelry, you can attain a glamorous look.

Do you have any more doubts about your prom look in an Orange dress? If yes, comment below and get answers from our team of fashion-forward experts!

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