Simple Ways To Help Your Dog Get Used To Boarding

2020 was an incredibly hard year for everyone. However, one of the bright lights for many pet owners was all the time they got to spend at home with their furry friend. As time moves forward and we start to head out into the world again, there may come a time you need to board your pup.

Simple Ways To Help Your Dog Get Used To Boarding

This can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience for both you and your pet—especially if you raised your dog in quarantine. To prepare you for this possibility, we share a few ways to help your dog get used to boarding.

Ensure Your Pup Is Comfortable

Many boarding facilities will offer plenty of amenities to keep your dog healthy and happy. But sometimes a familiar toy or a blanket that smells like home will turn a scary experience into something much more bearable. Check with the facility to see if you can bring some items from home that will help your dog feel more secure during their stay. This is a great way to help your dog get used to boarding.

Establish a Strong Routine

Sleep training and a solid eating schedule can make all the difference in your pet’s stay. If your dog sleeps in bed with you, sleeping in a kennel may come as quite a shock. Take an ample amount of time before your trip to help your dog become more accustomed to resting in a crate. Additionally, if the kennel follows a specific eating schedule, start implementing this at home, especially if you use a free feeding method.

Practice Spending Time Apart

Now comes the hard part—you’ll want to practice saying goodbye to your pup so that when the real day arrives, it won’t feelas heartbreaking. The best approach is to not make a big deal about leaving the house. Try sticking to a routine and slowly increasing the amount of time you spend away from home. In time, your dog will learn that you’ll be back and ready to play with them in no time.

Ask for a Trial Run

There’s so much you need to know about boarding your dog—a quick practice run may be just what you need to ensure everything is in order. Check-in with your boarding facility and see if they offer trial runs—think of it as a sleepover for your pup. This will give you an opportunity to practice spending time apart and give the staff a chance to meet your furry friend before they spend a longer period at their kennel.

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