Top Summer Beauty Trends of 2017

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Summer has always been the most exciting time of year when it comes to trying on the new beauty trends for the season. Warm, breezy days and turquoise waters, colorful gardens and lush lawns mean thinner, wispy fabrics to wrap our bodies in. Our makeup and hair can go wild and free for evening parties and get-togethers. Shades you didn’t think you could ever imagine start popping up in cosmetics, hair and fashion.

Here are our “Top Summer Beauty Trends of 2017”:

The Smudgy Eye – Sexy but Not Trying Hard

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Makeup artists are calling this one the smudgy eye, inspired by the look of cigarette ash. There’s nothing perfect about this sexy eye makeup either. In fact, messy is better, giving the illusion of a “late night into early morning” kind of vibe.

As Balmain’s makeup adviser recommended, forget the liquid liner, and pick up an eye pencil. Use your fingers to blend, smudge and “muck it up.”

Curly or Slick and Side-Parted–All Pretty

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You’ve got tons of options this summer. If you miss those 80s days of major volume and curls, then invest in a good curling wand and root-lifting hairspray.

Fashion Week also showed models wearing the slick and side-parted style, achieved by spraying on a dry oil mist.

For more hair-confidence, Allure Hair Building Fibers are an excellent, modern solution.

Bold, Naughty Brows That Rock the Rainbow

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If you’re bored with your eyebrow shape, summer 2017 is bringing on the brow candy. Choose your shade from the rainbow, and live fearlessly.

This beauty trend might be best left for nights out, when self-expression doesn’t have to worry about the corporate world. Runway trends spotted dyed yellow brows and purple brows at Gucci and pink ones from China’s top designer, Lan Yu.

Bright Blush Sweeps More Than Cheekbones

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Accenting your cheekbones is one of the best things you can do, and following a tip from vintage 1980s high glam, don’t spare the blush. It’s a girly appeal with blush warming the cheeks and extending up into the temples and over the eyelids in a feminine wash of color. The blush bomb has arrived for summer.

Whether it’s your hair or makeup, it’s fun to experience the new beauty trends of summer 2017 and how they play against your favorite fashion pieces.

It’s time to get your colorful glam on, ladies!

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