Who is Gavin Magnus “Crushin” on?

Who is Gavin Magnus “Crushin” on?


gavin magnus meet and greet

Gavin Magnus is an American actor, singer and YouTuber who has been called “the next Justin Bieber.” He is well known on social media and for his fun videos co-starring his girlfriend Piper Rockelle, with whom he filmed a video for his first single “Crushin.” (see embed below).

Following his stint on last year’s “Boys of Summer” tour, Gavin has signed his first record deal. You can also see him on several series including Dreamworks TV, and Nickelodeon’s Ninja Turtles: The Comeback.

We got the chance to catch up with Gavin about crazy fan experiences, pet peeves, and the best and worst part about working with Piper in our exclusive Q&A below!

gavin magnus 3
photo by Tiffany Rockelle.

Hi Gavin, nice to e-meet you! Tell us a little bit about yourself before we start chatting about your music video and other projects.

Hi thanks for having me! I started acting at age eight; got a lead as a series regular on DreamWorks TV and then did many TV shows such as Minor Renovations and Hollywood Darlings. From there I started making music.

Thanks! Your music video “Crushin” with Piper Rockelle just came out a little while ago. Were you nervous to release it to the world, and are you happy with the feedback?

Oh gosh I was so nervous. You just don’t know the feedback until you see the comments, you know? I’m really happy with the feedback. We are almost at 3 million views in a month.

You were on the Boys of Summer Tour. What was the best part about doing that?

I miss the tour a lot. Yes, I miss touring; it was amazing. The friends I made were super cool too. It was my first time performing on stage in front of over 1,000 people and I was the youngest out there; so very intimidating at first. I fell in love with the energy of performing in front of fans. We toured 17 cities and it was so much fun seeing new places.

Any weird or crazy fan experiences yet? If so what were they?

Yes, there are so many, but I would say my favorite just happened the other day. A little girl about five years old chased me down the street with her mom yelling at her to slow down. She followed me into Hollywood Burgers. Then she came up to me and said “Are you Gavin Magnus from YouTube? I can’t believe you are real!”…and she asked for a pic. It was so cute and cool.

Do you really vacuum your hair every day? : )

HA HA sometimes it helps to get the perfect look.

gavin magnus 2
photo by Deidhra Fahey

Every young performer that puts themselves out in the world gets some shade thrown at them—how do you deal with that yourself?

Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. Even my mom is shocked, but I don’t let it bring me down.

What are your goals with music and acting—like where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well to be honest all my dreams are coming true. I see myself touring and acting. I see myself developing hair products too; that’s one of my goals.

Your girlfriend Piper is pretty popular online as well – what is the best part about working together on videos – and what is the worst?

The best part is we laugh constantly. We really don’t stop and she’s my best friend. The bad part is I never want to leave her house. (:

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m really sensitive. I cry listening to sad songs. (:

Biggest pet peeve?

Fake people.

The song I most have on repeat on my playlist right now is _________ by ___________?

“All Girls Are The Same” by Juice Wrld

Favorite food?

Pasta. Italian.

Secret obsession?

My hair for sure. Gucci backpacks.

What’s the last movie or show you watched, and give me a review…but you can only use TWO WORDS for the review : )

Stranger Things. Scary, intense.

If you could pass a law everyone in the world had to follow, what would it be?

That they had to be kind to one another. That bullying was not allowed.

Most embarrassing moment IRL you wish you could do over?

I was trying to be cool and someone called me out, one of the older boys on tour, before I had a real Gucci backpack and they were like “Gavin’s Gucci backpack is fake, look at the stitching” and I just turned red. I was trying to be cool.

What else are you working on or have coming up next?

Stay tuned; new announcements are coming soon.

Selfie Time!

gavin magnus selfie


42 thoughts on “Who is Gavin Magnus “Crushin” on?”

  1. hey gavin im 13 and your only like 12 days younger than me and i know we were ment to be and your my biggest crush i had a crush on u ever since i was 6 years old love u gav

  2. Hey i just wanted too say I know ur going to go far in your music career u have a wonderful voice,Hey don’t let any one bring u down I’m not really a fan but I’m gonna say this your gonna make a girl happy one day.????????

  3. No he is not single ???????? because he is Date me okayyyy????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So stop trying to take him a away from me.

    1. Hi , I really like you Gavin I hope everyone does I love you even know I’ve got a boyfriend it is good sending this .please can you tell me your crush don’t show coco.do not say me ????

  4. Really???? Gavin can make his own decisions. Jeez i’m on fire and i’m only 11. I just wanted to let you know Gavin you are really handsome and whoever has your heart is a lucky girl. Have a nice day Gavin.

  5. i hope you stay with piper rockell you two are like two peas in a pod but if you do break up with piper i will give you no hate just saying. i’m a big fan of your song crushin. i also watch you on youtube i watch piper, sophie, you and frank.#franks pranks #shalom guys

  6. I have a crush on you did you know that I’m turning twelve too. What’s your phone number so I can call you. Can you please come to Hopkinton New Hampshire. I’ve never said this to anyone but I love you.

  7. You don’t have to be so mean and be telling him to break up with the one he loves. How would you feel if someone said that to you just because they also liked your boyfriend or girlfriend?

  8. Gavin I really really really like you and I hope you break up with piper and you are so cute so I just want to say I love lovr love love you song and I hope you break up with piper she is not good for you so just break up do this???????? if you are going to break up and do ????????if you still Are together ……. Just please break up with piper and be with me are I will kill you gavin

  9. Gavin I really really really like you and I hope you break up with piper and you are so cute so I just want to say I love lovr love love you song and I hope you break up with piper she is not good for you so just break up do this???????? if you are going to break up and do ????????if you still Are together ……. Just please break up with piper and be with me are I will kill you gavin

    1. Why would you tell him to do that him and Piper were a good couple Hayden don’t tell to do that again????????????????????????

  10. Hi Gavin I love the song crusin I whach it every day and I know your crunch is piper Rockell sorry if I spelled the last name rong but I hope you and piper have a nice time together and is it true that you 2 broke up put this ???????? if your still together and put this????????if you no longer together

  11. hi Gavin. honestly i fell in love with your music video ” crushin”. i honestly think you’re very cute and likable . honestly if i were to choose, i would probably choose you to be my boyfriend.

  12. I am one year older than Gavin. If I wasn’t and he didn’t have Piper as a girlfriend than I would love to be Gavin ‘s girlfriend. 🙂 I am sorry, I really like you and you fam. You are so cool and I want to be with you. I am not jealous at all at Piper, I am happy that she found an amazing guy and I hope that Gavin will treat her right “not like he won’t”. ????????

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