10 Most Popular Styles of Leather Jackets to Try This Season

Symbolized as urban culture outerwear, leather jackets represent the sophistication and personality of the person wearing them. Whether you want to set the trend, pass off that rebel look, or just rock your fashion sense, there is nowhere a leather jacket does not fit!

Now, make no mistake about it. Every leather jacket is unique and can help you stand out. However, the fashion world is riddled with various styles of leather jackets. However, there are some which set the standards high. Now, if you dont like leather: One such option is multicam top that you should include in your stye list.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most popular and fashionable designs of leather jackets. These leather jacket designs are all you need to kick your fashion game up a notch, so let’s get going!


1. Quilted Leather Jackets

Quilted leather jackets are not a style per se but rather a design. These kinds of jackets are the latest trend when we talk about leather jackets.

The best thing about quilted leather jackets is that they are found in just about every type of leather jacket that you want. These leather jackets have prominent quilting that gives this jacket a unique look.

You can easily find a quilted leather jacket in various colors and sizes. However, if you decide to buy a quilted leather jacket made from synthetic fiber, you must consider the season you are buying it for. Synthetic jackets are at a severe disadvantage for not entrapping ample heat to keep the wearer warm.

2. Leather Blazers

If you want to bring leather wear to formal settings, then leather blazers are your cue. Leather blazers are a coat made from leather, just like leather jackets.

Leather blazers usually feature either a double button closure and single/double-breasted styles. While leather blazers are a perfect fit for formal settings, you can also wear them out in casual settings.

The viscose inner lining of a leather blazer leaves you feeling comfortable and provides the required amount of warmth to enjoy the whole spirit of the season!

3. Shearling Leather Jacket

These leather jackets include fur or shearling inner lining. Technically, they are designed to give the wearer a cozy feel. Shearling leather jacket is a leather jacket style and comes in many different types, including biker, flight, or trench coat style.

Shearling leather jackets are the perfect choice for cold weather conditions. They have features such as lapel-style collars covered with soft fur or shearling lining. Having a collar made from soft fur excludes the need to carry a hectic scarf to protect your neck.

In short, shearling leather jackets are the way to go if you want to enjoy winters fashionably.

4. Leather Trench Coat

While these are not leather jackets, it’s safe to consider them a type of leather jacket as they share many similarities.

The leather trench coats are designed from leather and feature a front-button closure. Depending on where you look, you might even come across trench coats that include a belted closure on the waist.

Leather trench coats give you the option to choose your preference between single and double-breasted styles.

However, the best thing about trench coats is that they are the perfect option for rainy or snowy days.

5. Distressed Leather Jacket

While it may not be a different style, distressed is a purely stylish look on a leather jacket!

You can find a distressed-style leather jacket in various types including, motorcycle, field, or even racer jackets. The artisans that work on distressed leather jackets work on it to look worn.

Although it might only be a texture, the distressed leather jacket has the appeal to come off as a whole new different type of leather jacket. To make the most out of a distressed leather jacket, we suggest that you go for a brown jacket.

The brown distressed leather jackets have a way of appearing relatively vintage yet stylish, which classifies them as a classic.

6. Flight Jackets

Flight jackets are one of the oldest types of leather jackets that are available today. The jackets were originally crafter for pilots, as the name suggests.

Flight jackets are bulky and feature shearling lining, providing ample warmth. Considering the fashion world today, flight jackets will make a good option in reinventing your fashion sense.

The best thing about flight jackets is that they need to be simple and amplified to look fashionable. You can wear them with plain trousers and t-shirts which will make you stand out from the crowd.

7. Leather Racer Jackets

As the name suggests, these leather jackets are usually worn by sportbike racers or car racers. Not only this jacket helps in passing off a handsome look, but the materials of this jacket mark it as one of the most robust and toughest options when looking to buy a leather jacket.

Some features of this jacket include zippered front and cuffs, and the collar of this jacket is stab-buttoned.

So, if you are one of those who like to go on a speedy ride on their vehicle, the racer jacket will get you in sync with fashion!

8. Field Jackets

These stylish jackets are usually inspired by army personnel, which distinguishes them from most leather jackets that we see on the market.

The most distinct feature of field jackets is that they come with four pockets on the front side of the coat, which allows the wearer to carry most of their utilities. Furthermore, the field jackets are considerably warm, which makes them essential for winters!

If you plan on going camping or hiking anytime soon, the field jacket is the best choice for you.

9. Leather Biker Jacket

According to the experts, it is essential to have all the protective gear with you while riding a bike, including a leather bike jacket, to reduce the severity of the injuries and the accident.

Also, they are incredibly fashionable, which makes them a good fit for anyone looking to reinvent their fashion look. Biker jackets also are known as asymmetrical jackets, and they come with lapel style studded with buttons.

You are likely to see a should epaulet with one as well.

10. Bomber Jackets

The bomber jackets are irreplaceable, and their history makes them even more prestigious than most of the jackets we see on the market today.

The men’s bomber jackets dates back to World War One, where it was a norm for fighter pilots to wear them to keep them warm.

The bomber jackets have consistency in terms of their design as they come in a simple shape. They usually feature a cropped body and a central zip with fitted waist and cuffs. In short, bomber jackets count as one of the most versatile outerwear someone can own.

To make the most out of your bomber jacket, pair it with raw denim and a simple white shirt.

11. Faux Leather Jacket

If you have concerns about animal cruelty, then faux leather jackets are the right fit for you! The faux leather jackets are made from Vegan leather which looks just as enchanting and is environment-friendly.

Faux leather recently has gained a lot of fame thanks to its being lightweight in the environment. So, in conclusion, faux leather jackets allow you to try fashion while staying conscious.

Final Words

Here go the eleven best leather jacket styles worth trying out for you. We have done our part in listing the best options, and now the ball is in your court. Ensure to go through all the options mentioned and go for the one that suits you the most.

However, before purchasing a leather jacket, you must ensure that your jacket is made from genuine leather.

We hope that this guide helped you in finding the perfect leather jacket for you. However, if there is something that you want to add to this article, mention it in the comments section!

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