2020 Home Design Trends: What Is In and What Is Out?

2020 Home Design Trends: What Is In and What Is Out?

Another year, another set of interior design trends for all you interior decorating lovers out there. From a brand-new colour pallet to new materials and geometric shapes to cater to the eye, this is an exciting time for those looking to decorate. To help you create a space that you love that is as trendy as possible, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite 2020 trends we believe you will love.

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Curvy Design

Harsh edges are out in 2020 with curvy furniture being the latest design trend for the home in 2020. With curved sofas, foot stalls and round coffee tables are a great way of making the most of the space and making your room look welcoming. Regardless of the colour theme of the room or the size of the furniture, curved lines are welcoming to the eye and make you feel comfortable. Whether you implement it in the spare room, conservatory or the kitchen, this is sure to make your home more welcome.

Floral Wallpaper

Another amazing interior design trend that is worth looking into this year is floral wallpaper. Whether it is a pastel colour theme or bright colours, this is a great design trend that is sure to bring character to any room that you add it to. This can then be coupled with cushions and other patterned furnishings to bring an overall theme to the room. This is ideal for a room that has an abundance of natural light as it can help to make it feel more welcoming as a result.

Layering Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colours are a great way to make the room pop and have been used throughout the year in interior decoration. It is a trend that never gets old and is a great way of making neutral colours and even darker colours on the spectrum stand out. With contrasting colours such as red and yellow and black and white playing well on the eyes this is a great way to play with colour and makes specific parts of the room stand out from others. Whether it is a parrot print canvas or other artwork on a plain background, this can work well in almost any room. This is a tip that is often used when designing an open-plan space as it can help to differentiate the different room.

Comfortable Furnishings

The final way to make your home more welcoming whilst sticking to 2020 interior design trends is to use comfortable furnishings. Whether this is a set of throws in the living room or spare cushions on the bed, these comfortable furnishings can make any room much more appealing. They can be purchased with ease from several retailers and can hugely impact on the way a room looks. In addition, the throws and cushions can be changed with ease should you change the colour theme of the room making this ideal.

With this in mind, there are several amazing ways that you can use design trends for 2020 within your home without spending a small fortune on a brand-new set of furniture. Which of these will you be trying for yourself? Or perhaps you want to simply sell your existing home, in which case check out a We Buy any Home service.

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