3 Ways to Earn Your Parent’s Trust and Thus More Freedom

When it comes to being a teenager, the trust that your parents have in you will largely determine how much freedom you’re allowed. This is why it’s important that you establish this trust right away and do everything that you can to protect it. Here are three ways that you can earn the trust of your parents so that you can lead the life that you want.

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Be Honest with Them

Once you break the trust of a parent, it becomes extremely challenging to earn it back. Being honest with your parents is crucial in the development of an open relationship. Earning the trust of a parent by always being honest can lead to more freedom to do the things that you want to do. Although it can be difficult to be honest, especially if you fear getting in trouble, it’s better to keep these open lines of communication open in the long run.

Be Responsible

In order to earn the trust of your parents, you need to show them that you’re learning to be a responsible adult. This responsibility can be achieved by learning how to effectively manage adult problems. For example, in the event that you’re pulled over and cited, it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to handle a traffic ticket so that you can keep your record clear for the future. The more responsibility that you show with the vehicle, the more likely that your parents will loosen curfew rules or allow you to take the car out more often.

Follow the Rules

Although so many rules may often seem unnecessary at times, it’s important that you understand that your parents have your best interests at heart when they put boundaries in place. Many times they want to help you or protect you with their rules. Following the rules that your parents set will immediately make them feel as if you’re trustworthy. If you feel as if a particular rule is unfair, then it’s better to engage in a discussion with your parents about it rather than just disregarding the rule altogether. By making an effort to show respect to your parents and their rules, you’ll foster a better relationship between all of you.

Transitioning from a teenager into an adult can be a challenging season in life. However, earning the trust of your parents and keeping it in place can help to give you the freedom that you desire.

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