3rd Noble Awards with Patricia Arquette, Ian Somerhalder, G.R.L., Zelda Williams

We’ve covered plenty of awards shows in the past 3 years, but if we had to choose just one to cover again and again in the future–it would be the Noble Awards! They honor the important celebrities who are actually giving back to the community instead of just paying lip service to it–and in this episode we speak with many of them.

Interviews: David Arquette, Patricia Arquette, Ian Somerhalder, Zelda Williams, G.R.L. (Lauren Bennett, Emmalyn Estrada, Natasha Slayton, Paula Van Oppen), Herbie Hancock, Caleb Walker, Cody Walker, G.W. Bailey, Phillip P. Keene, Raymond Cruz, Kevin Eubanks, Miss California 2015 Natasha Martinez, Steven Roth, Matthew Ziff, Brittany Furlan

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