4 Cute Ways To Accessorize a Pixie Haircut

4 Cute Ways To Accessorize a Pixie Haircut

Cutting your hair short is a dramatic and liberating choice—not to mention it’s easy to care for! Now that you’ve cropped your hair, you’ll have to get creative with your accessories and add-ons. Wondering how to accessorize a pixie haircut in a stylish and convenient way? Try these fun tips as you get used to your daring new ’do.

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Butterfly Clips

The Y2K era is back in vogue! Harness the energy of the new millennium with the sweet plastic butterfly clips that were all the rage two decades ago. You can clip the front layers of your hair out of your face with a few butterflies in your favorite colors.

Pro Tip:

Butterfly clips look especially darling with curly hair! Just be gentle when you take them out at the end of the day, as stray hairs can easily get caught in the clips’ hinges.

Fabric Head Wrap

Bandanas and silk scarves are versatile hair accessories, no matter what length you’re working with. Wear your bandana the way you used to at summer camp, folded diagonally in half to cover your hair completely. Or grab a patterned scarf and tie it around your head with a knot at the top.

Jeweled Headband

Want to add a little luxury to your hairstyle in 10 seconds or less? Slide on a headband studded with rhinestones or sequins for a dose of dramatic flair. Embellished headbands work well with any outfit, from t-shirts and jeans to your favorite party dress.

Thin Headband

You probably have a basic headband lying around somewhere, whether it’s a classic headband style or an elastic hairband. For a sleek and daring silhouette, slick your hair back with your favorite gel product and hold it in place with a plain, thin headband. Finish off the look with a pair of eye-catching earrings.

If you’ve recently cut your hair into a pixie style and are wondering how to accessorize it, try one or more of these cute options. Whether you want to hop on the Y2K trend or class it up with a more timeless accessory, you have plenty of choices at your disposal! Experiment with your new short haircut and enjoy its versatility and ease of styling.

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