4 Easy Ways To Make Sure Your Dog’s Happy

An important part of owning a dog is knowing how to keep them happy—a delighted dog is a healthy one. But a lot goes into this. You can keep your dog entertained with everything from long hikes to food-centric activities. Make caring for your furry friend a breeze with these easy ways to make sure your dog’s happy.

4 Easy Ways To Make Sure Your Dog’s Happy

Play Hide-and-Seek

Is anything cuter or more fun than playing a round of hide-and-seek with your dog? This is a great way to keep your dog entertained on a rainy day, and it also engages your dog’s natural senses. All canines have natural hunting instincts ingrained into them. Help your dog activate theirs while also having fun!

Get started by commanding your dog to stay while you find a hiding place. Once you feel well-hidden, call your dog’s name, and then shower your pup in love and praise once they find you. The more you do this, the more fun the game becomes for both of you.

Go on an Adventure

Go for daily walks, plan a road trip, or go hiking through a forest preserve with your dog. But before you plan anything, have your parents take your dog to the vet and make sure your pup is fit to hike. Visiting the vet is an important step: depending on their age and medical conditions, your dog may not enjoy the hike as much as you’d hope. But if your pup is up to it, this is a great way for them to explore a new environment as they sniff around.

Buy New Toys

If your pup seems to destroy everything, one tip for dealing with a destructive dogis to keep them entertained. But sometimes you may not have time to take your dog on an adventure or play a game, especially if school is in session. No matter your situation, your dog shouldn’t constantly feel bored, so keep an excitable dog active with a variety of toys. Try rotating your dog’s toys out every week or two, and make sure they have a good mix of interactive and solo toys. You could also include some food toys, such as food puzzles, feeder balls, and food mats. Just like other activities, these engage a canine’s natural hunting instincts.

Have a Doggy Playdate

Another easy way to make sure your dog’s happy is to set up lots of doggy playdates. Socialize your dog when they’re young to ensure they get along with other dogs. Playdates are just as exciting for dogs as they are for people since they give your furry baby a change of pace. With enough canine companions, you can plan the best playdates and parties for your dog.

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