4 Features To Look For in a Great Gaming TV

Your gaming console does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating a fantastic gameplay experience. That said, did you know that your TV can hold back your entire setup? It’s a great time of year to consider upgrading to a device that improves your gameplay, but not every TV suits every player. Here are four features to look for in a great gaming TV.

4 Features To Look For in a Great Gaming TV

Console Suitability

The best gaming TV for your setup isn’t the same for every console. Modern consoles like the Switch or the PS5 both look great on modern TVs, but if you’re a retro gamer, these high-res devices aren’t ideal. If you’re creating a setup for a GameCube-era device or older, consider seeking out chunky CRT TV that suits pixelated images best.

Refresh Rate

On the other hand, refresh rate is a feature of today’s TVs that modern gaming can’t ignore. A television’s refresh rate is a measure of how quickly the display changes. Even though the refresh rate is hard to notice in most situations, anyone playing an action game knows that every second matters. If you’re playing games online with others, look for a TV with a high refresh rate so that you can keep up.

Input Lag

Input lag is another gaming nightmare, though it’s more often common with PC gaming than console gaming. Still, the same issue happens when the delay between your console and your TV is just too slow. No matter how awesome your reaction time is, if your TV display doesn’t react, you’re sure to lose. Typically, you can learn more about input lag from online product reviews than actual item specifications.


Let’s be totally honest: price matters. Whether you’re saving up an allowance or revising your holiday gift list, how much the TV costs is a significant factor. It’s important to know that the priciest option isn’t always the best one out there for your needs. Some TVs sit in the $3,000 range, and honestly, it’s a little crazy to spend more on a TV than the gaming console itself. Consider what you’re willing to spend as you shop.

Really, there are a ton of different features to look for in a great gaming TV. Luckily, there are a ton of different types of TV technology to match, so you have a lot of options to pick from. Whether you’re looking for a Smart TV with an insane resolution or an old plasma TV for PS2-style horror games, there’s a TV out there for you.

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