4 Quick and Easy Ways To Glam Up Your Look

4 Quick and Easy Ways To Glam Up Your Look

Do you feel like your outfits could use more of a “wow” factor? Using these four quick and easy ways to glam up your look, you can make any ensemble a head-turner and statement-maker.

Use Bold, Vibrant Colors

Using color is one quick and easy way to glam up your look. The right colors can complement your face and your body. Generally, most people will fall into one “color category,” separated by the seasons. Someone with cool, light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes will look best in summer colors like sky blue, sunshine yellow, and hot pink; on the other hand, someone with warmer, darker skin and brown hair and eyes will most benefit from fall colors like mustard, pine green, and bronze.

Play With Patterns

Like color, using patterned clothing can make you stand out and can show off your personality to the world. Patterns have another perk, too—you can use them to accentuate or hide certain features. Busy patterns can hide your less-flattering features, as people will focus more on the pattern than your body. Simpler patterns can draw the eye to certain areas; for example, vertical lines will highlight your arms and collarbone.

Add a Touch of Shine to Your Accessories

You can bedazzle anything—and that extra touch of shine can draw positive attention to your look. Trendy rhinestone earrings can add a touch of glamour to any fit. Or, if you want to draw attention to your waist, give a rhinestone belt a try. Alternatively, use bold, metal accessories as a juxtaposition to matte garments.

Pay Attention to Your Shoes

Did you know that your shoes are one of the first details people notice about you? On top of that, a University of Kansas study found that people can often (accurately) predict your personality based on the shoes you wear! Since shoes make such a big first impression, you want to pay close attention to what you put on your feet. Make sure your shoes are nice and clean and match the rest of your look.

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