4 Tips To Help Your Grandparents Replace Their Old Tech

Devices and technology are commonplace, with many people owning a to struggle with their smartphone or tablet. Even though the elderly own these devices, many struggle to use them and may need guidance when it’s time to upgrade their tech. If you want to help your grandparents become better with technology, these tips will help your endeavor to replace their old technology.

4 Tips To Help Your Grandparents Replace Their Old Tech

If It’s Bulky, It’s Probably Old

Older technology is usually bulkier and heavier than today’s lighter and compact technology. Stay on the lookout for large monitors with limited ports or keyboards with large keys.

Once you’ve found their old devices, encourage your grandparents to replace them by showing off the different things current products can do. Sharing your knowledge will make them feel like they aren’t alone in this learning curve.

Teach Them About Devices

Help your grandparents learn how to use the devices that will replace their old tech. They will probably have familiarity with devices like keyboards and desktops. But other devices, such as smartphones or anything with a touch screen, will take time to master.

Make sure you go through the basics of each device and what they do. It is also essential to ensure they know the risks of using damaged computer cables. Explain to your grandparents why this device is necessary and how it will help them in their daily lives.

Walk Them Through Software and Apps

As the years go by, humans develop newer apps and software to advance us further. These programs may be challenging to understand for those unfamiliar with computer programs or most 21st-century technology. Your grandparents will need a guiding hand to walk them through the apps and services of different devices.

Start with a simple app such as the camera, which has many features and helpful shortcuts. These useful lessons will encourage your grandparents to switch to better technology to replace their old tech.

Give Them Confidence

Confidence is essential when learning something new that you will eventually need to use on your own. Give your grandparents positive encouragement when teaching them about new technology. It is easy to hold onto things you are familiar with, especially when something new is difficult to understand, so they need the confidence to try new technology and throw out their old tech.

It may be a challenge to give your grandparents the push to switch to newer tech. But by using these tips, the burden of coaching and learning will be easier for you and your grandparents.

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