4 Top Careers To Consider in the Beauty Industry

Do you have a passion for looking your best and want to help others do the same? The beauty industry is filled with opportunities to explore, learn, and grow your skill set. While doing your makeup and hair might be a hobby to you now, you have the potential to turn it into so much more. These are some of the top careers to consider in the beauty industry and how each of them, depending on your interests, could be your perfect job.

4 Top Careers To Consider in the Beauty Industry
If beauty is a passion of yours, you may want to make a career out of it someday. Discover four of the top careers to consider in the beauty industry.


The hairstylist position is a staple in the beauty field. Not only does this job allow you to cut hair, but you also help individuals find their perfect look. You’ll work with customers to style their hair into something that meets their needs—which requires extensive knowledge and training from cosmetology school. While attending these programs, you’ll learn about the foundations of haircutting and gain experience working with professional-level tools.


If you’d rather work with skin, you may want to consider a job as an esthetician instead. This role involves working with individuals to help improve the health and appearance of their skin—primarily through facial massages. Their goal is to help cleanse and purify the skin so that treatments for common skin ailments, like acne, will be more effective. Estheticians sometimes perform hair removal services as well, and provide full-body spa treatments.

Makeup Artist

Another career to consider in the beauty industry is that of a makeup artist. These professionals strategically apply makeup products to their clients to give them a new look and boost their confidence. With the right techniques, they can provide drastic changes or even subtle tweaks to a person’s appearance. This job is in high demand in many industries, from salons to movie production stations.

Nail Technicians

Nail technicians have a lot of creative freedom as well—especially with new prints and template designs created every day. These experts help maintain the health of a person’s nails by performing grooming services. They can also cleanly paint and design nails to meet a client’s expectations. This job also involves doing pedicures, touch-ups, and nail extensions.

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