5 Fast Facts about actor and musician Jeremiah Perkins

You might recognize Jeremiah Perkins from Chicken Girls where he played Hamilton, but did you know he is also an aspiring musician?

Here’s 5 fast facts about Jeremiah!

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He’s got music on his mind.

My ultimate showbiz goal is to make music and be known in the music industry. I have a lot of goals but music is definitely at the top. My friends and I spend hours working on music. We actually have a couple songs that are pretty dope. The other night Jacob Sartorius, Jojo Tua, Mikey Tua, Dylan and me were rapping over a beat I made. At first it was just for fun but after it was finished we were all pretty shocked on how good it turned out.

He kinda blew this opportunity with his crush.

The first time I was ever star struck was meeting Kristen Hancher lol. When I was 14 I had the biggest crush on her. Musical.ly used to have these get togethers every Thursday at their headquarters. I walked in and it was so crowded we were touching hands. I froze haha. She asked me a question and I couldn’t talk I just mumbled “where’s my mom?” I was so embarrassed. I’m a lot more confident now so she should definitely hit me up.

Its hard to face his friend’s mom after THIS happened.

I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments in my life. The most recent one was this past summer in Europe. I was sharing a hotel room with my friend and his mom. For this story I’m gonna leave out names lol I was heading back to the hotel room I walked in to my friends mom changing. We just stood there in shock for a moment. Time was moving so slow. It was so awkward we both pretended that didn’t happen. I’m 18 now so hit me up. LOL kidding.

He’s got some chops.

I think people would be surprised to know that I’m a very experienced guitar player. I’m also self taught. At 13 years old I decided I wanted to play so I locked myself in my room for the whole summer and just played nonstop. I learned how to play every single one of my favorite songs. Now I add guitar in each of the beats I make. It’s kind of my signature sound.

Fish need not fear him.

I don’t think of myself as a picky eater but I refuse to eat seafood! I will not touch it at all! Nemo is the homie

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