5 Fast Facts about actor Dylan Duff

Dylan Duff is a Canadian/British actor, filmmaker and philanthropist. His most recent TV role was in Vice TV’s Dark Side of the Ring. Dylan also writes, directs and produces his own projects.

He is currently working on his latest short film and a web series called The Quarantine-Teen(s) created by Jac Carrera and produced by Escape 2 Productions, which premieres on YouTube on Friday April 24th, 2020. Dylan will star in the show and has also written episodes 2 and 3 of the series. The show was created to comedically represent the life of teenagers in quarantine to bring some levity to people during the uncertain times of Covid-19.

Dylan has worked with many charities and organisations including Me to We, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, and the Toronto Argonauts and Family Channel on their stand up to bullying campaign.

Here are 5 fast facts about Dylan!

dylan duff

Showbiz has provided some great moments so far.

A very memorable moment for me in my career was the first time I saw one of my shows on a streaming service. I watch streaming services all the time, so it was a big moment. I opened up Crave (a Canadian streaming service that includes content from HBO, Showtime, Vice, and more), I was scrolling through the featured/popular tittles at the top of the screen. I saw tittles like Westworld, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Star Trek: Picard, The Princess Bride, and then, there it was, Dark Side of the Ring, a show that I was in! I was truly in shock, and it was just a really special moment for me.

The other memorable moment in my career was when I won my Young Artist Award for Best Supporting actor in a TV Series for Teens 101 in 2018. I was stunned. Honestly, it was my first TV show and I was so surprised and honoured just to be nominated. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even have a speech prepared. I heard my name called and thought they had made a mistake, I was sure someone else would win. Everyone else in the category was so talented, and I loved their work. It was an honour just to be nominated in the same category as them. It was a really special moment. I will never forget it, and I am so grateful to the Young Artist Academy.

And also some not-so-great ones.

Okay, so. I have messed up my fair share of times. From dropping prop apples on almost every take to losing my wig during a death scene and falling on my face during a chase scene. One goof that I would love to try again to fix though was on the set of Dark Side of the Ring. I was playing a wrestler and I was in the ring. In the scene my character had just lost a match and broken his arm. I had to lie on the floor flailing around, holding my arm and screaming. I had a long wig on and it was hitting me in the face as I thrashed around on the ground like a fish out of water. I actually hurt my voice from screaming so loud. Also they were filming in slow motion, so I had to go extremely fast to get the desired affect. The camera was right in my face, and everyone on set was just staring at me. It was pretty crazy, I was really nervous. I think we got it in about two takes, but I felt like I did a really bad job. One of my acting weaknesses is acting like I am in severe pain. I actually have never broken anything before, so I had nothing to go on. Anyway, I’ve just always wished I could’ve done that scene better. We shot it on my first day on set as well, it was an interesting introduction to the show for me.

I believe one of the biggest things that teens have to deal with these days is mental health, and stress. Teens have a lot to deal with and sometimes it can get really tough. I am not an exception by any means. I get really stressed out sometimes, and I can certainly have sad days once in a while. I think it is important for teens to realise that they are not alone, and things can get better. A lot of mental health struggles can be brought on by being bullied or feeling different. I think something that teens should know is, yes, maybe they are different, but that’s not a bad thing. Everyone is different, because everyone is unique. Being different is not a bad thing. Being different is being human. As teenagers, we can feel uncertain about the future. We may be scared or worried about where our lives will take us, but just remember where ever the journey of life takes you will be an adventure. Perhaps we can take our nerves and doubts about the future and transform them into excitement and hope. Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something, or you’re not good enough. We are all good enough. If we try our very best to be good people and be kind to others and ourselves we can achieve anything!

There is one very good reason bullies should stay away from him.

One thing that I think people would be surprised to know about me is that I have a black belt in Karate. I have been doing Karate since I was 5 years old. Whenever I tell people that I have a black belt, they seem really surprised. There like “but you’re so nice and like quiet and stuff” lol. I received my black belt in 2016 at the age of 12.

More pasta? “Yes, please!” says Dylan.

One amazing food that I must eat once a week is pasta! Any kind of pasta! I love it, I always have. There is just something about a good bowl of pasta, you know?

Selfie time!

dylan duff selfie
This selfie is actually a photo from a self tape I did from home. That is pretty much what I’m doing right now. That, and writing.

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9194569/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedylanduff/

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