5 Fast Facts about actor Eli D Goss

Eli is a 6 year old actor and model who was recently honored with the Best Young Actor Award from the American Youth Film Festival, is a member of the Young Artists Academy.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Eli D Goss.

eli goss2

He’s already an award winner yet only six years old!

The moment it was announced I won Best Young Actor from the American Youth Film Festival 2019. I was so surprised because the other kids had been in the business longer and had more experience. I also liked it because I got to go to Atlanta and meet my GA actor friends. 

He’s too cool for school when it comes to being starstruck.

No, not yet.

He almost ended up with the wrong set of parents.

OMG this one time we were out me, mommy and daddy and it was super crowded. I thought mommy and daddy were right behind me (they weren’t, but still behind me and knew where I was). We were watching the monster trucks and I turned around, grabbed (I thought daddy’s hand) and said “look at that!!!!”  Well….. it wasn’t my daddy. 

He’s empathetic.

I don’t like it when other people are in pain or cry. When that happens I try to help make things better any way I can. 

Its best not to serve him broccoli or spinach or even green Jolly Ranchers.

I dont eat green. Nope. Not even a little bit. No green no way!!!!

eli goss selfie

me and my kitten Speedway





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