5 Fast Facts about actor Ja’Siah Young

Ja’Siah Young is best known for playing Dion in the new NETFLIX show “Raising Dion.” He can also be seen playing Justin Simpson in the soon to be released satirical thriller “Nicole and OJ.” He’s also been in “Billy on the Street” and NICKELODEON’S “Sunny Day.”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Ja’Siah!

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He wants you to make you FEEL.

My ultimate show biz goal is to create and be a part of entertainment productions that change people’s lives and make them lose their selves in the moment. It’s all about the entertainment and enjoyment of it so I want make people really feel it make them laugh cry or just feel it.

He got to meet two of his heroes.

I was definitely star struck when I met Michael B Jordan and Ice T. When I met Michael B Jordan he asked me if I had any questions and I couldn’t remember any of the ones I said I’d ask. I was 6 years old the first time I met him. And he was really cool. He broke the ice and picked me up and spin me around. And when I met Ice T all I could say was I can’t believe you were a rapper, I’ve never met a famous rapper before. But they were both great guys and super down to earth. I’m blessed to have gotten to meet them and work with them.

His mom has some good blackmail material on him.

My most embarrassing IRL moment was the time I was at the airport traveling to Bulgaria to film a movie, I was playing at the airport jungle gym with some friends I met who were waiting for the same flight. And while climbing up the jungle gym I bumped my head on the top and fell to the floor. I rolled off like it was a parkour move and thought it’s ok no need to be embarrassed no one saw it. I look over to my mom sitting on the side line laughing so I go check it out and come to find out she got the entire incident on tape HAHAHA!!

He got a real early start.

Something people would be surprised to hear about me would be that I asked my mom to enter into this entertainment world when I was only about 2 years old. I saw a poster in the door a pageant and I thought that was got you become a prince. So I asked my mom to do it, I started winning a lot in a row and people started suggesting acting/ modeling. So my mom took me to an agency audition in NY and they ended up loving me and wanting to work with me all off of a conversation I started with a woman (manager/ agent rep) I met in the ladies room with my mom. And I’ve just been practicing and auditioning every since.

Please don’t serve him snails.

A food I wouldn’t eat is escargot. Ughh it’s just too weird to think about lol.

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