5 Fast Facts about actor Joaopaulo Malheiro

Best known for his lead role in the feature My Brother’s Keeper Joaopaulo Malheiro is quickly becoming one to watch. He has a role in the highly anticipated Apple series “Extrapolations” starring Hollywood heavyweights like Kit Harrington, Yara Shahidi, and Toby Maguire. His recent network co-star bookings will air later this year. 

“My name is Joaopaulo Malheiro, and I was born on April 1, 2010, in Manhattan, NY. I have lived in Manhattan my whole life. I started acting about four years ago. At first, I wanted to be a YouTuber (still kind of want to), but my dad saw my potential as an actor, and we’ve never looked back. Besides acting, my hobbies include Speed Rapping, playing manhunt at the park with my friends, and playing video games. Lately, I have been obsessed with the oculus quest VR headset.

“I have a younger brother on the autism spectrum, which can sometimes be tricky and great. He’s so funny sometimes, and other times, he’s just like a typical little brother.

“Another thing I love to do is travel. It was complicated with Covid, but we still get around. Last year we went to Jamaica, the year before we went to Mexico, and this year I cannot wait to go to the Atlantis in the Bahamas!!”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Joaopaulo!

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He got to bring toys to set.

Working on the set of My Brothers Keeper was pretty cool because it was my first time being on set. It was also cool because I got to work with my dad [director] when we were there. I was five and remember bringing my Thomas the Train toys for when I wasn’t filming.

He keeps his cool when he’s on the job.

I keep my nerves under control on set because I remember that the only reason I’m here is because they wanted me to be here. I remember that I’m past the auditioning, and I made it. So there is really nothing to worry about as long I know I have my lines down.

Good attitude? Check!

My friends would say that I’m an optimist.

Other MCs better watch out!

Many people, I mean MANY, would be surprised to learn that I enjoy rapping. Really really fast. It started with Eminem’s “Rap God,” and now I’m learning things as fast as Logic’s “100 Miles and Runnin.’ ” I honestly don’t know how I gained the ability to talk very fast, but now it’s just a part of me. I’m also a pretty decent rapper; my music teacher selected a few other students and me from other classes to perform in front of the whole grade. That got me the title of “The Rap Kid,” which I’m very proud of.

One food he REFUSES to eat:

Peas. I can’t stand them. The texture and the taste make me wanna throw up. It is kind of weird since when I was 3, I never had a problem with peas… but anyway, it’s not just me; my mom also doesn’t like them, so technically, I can blame genetics on why I don’t like peas.

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