5 Fast Facts about actor & recording artist AJ Rodriguez

Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez is a thirteen-year-old actor and recording artist who’s streaming numbers have climbed since releasing his debut pop songs in July.

Your Smile has been climbing at a rapid rate with over 102,000 streams on Spotify today, closely chasing his first single My Crew currently pushing 200,000 streams. Scroll down to watch the video for Your Smile, which was just released! Next in line is Up To You on 09.09. He has a further three records penned for later in the year as well as a special Holiday song.

The recording artist and SAG-AFTRA actor is best known for his British voice-over work on the popular animated series Bee and Puppycat on Cartoon Hangover, where he plays Bee’s loveable landlord, Cardamon. Other acting and voice over credits include the 2020 Golden-Globe winner and Academy-nominee Missing Link, Lance Kinsey’s feature-film All-Stars, and Flock of Four, set in 1959 Los Angeles, directed by Greg Caruso. 

Here’s 5 fast facts about AJ!

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He’s got a lot of great showbiz memories already, probably a great side benefit from having a publicist mom.

I have so many memorable moments, from being age 5 perched on the side of the stage of The Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood watching the LA Music Awards, meeting Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog to attending some of Hollywood’s biggest film premieres, and being interviewed and photographed on 100ft long red carpets, but I think my utmost memorable and magical moment was booking my first ever voice over gig on ‘Bee & Puppycat’, as the voice of Cardamon. I had such a great time in the booth and playing that purple headed landlord. Using my voice to make all the different sounds needed for my character – just so much fun!

Quarantine has been a blessing for him in some ways.

Before quarantine I had a lot of school work and sporting activities. I had hardly any time to breath, but with quarantine, I have been able to devour more books, record and release my music and really connect on social media with my fans. I have had a chance to be creative and really find what I love to do. I have been singing, on my skateboard and surf board so much more which has helped me mentally and physically. Of course, I missed school and the bustling hallways, but I think I needed that time out too.

If he could pass one law everyone had to follow, it would be THIS:

Super simple law – be kind to planet Earth, and all she envelopes.

He swims in both water and books.

I am in a SoCal professional swim team. My strongest stroke is butterfly. I also read a lot. Recently I finished the works of Shakespeare (in a simple English format!).

He’s got a sweet tooth but his mom keeps him in check!

If I was allowed by my mom it would be toasted Pop Tarts, but sadly, they are classed as a treat. I eat at least one banana a day!


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Watch the Your Smile Official Music Video:

“Although ‘Your Smile’ has an element of a boy crushing on a girl, we were really going for more of how you can be friends with someone for the longest time, and all of a sudden realize how wonderful they are. The lyrics are about how she shouldn’t change a thing as she is fly just the way she is,” said Alexander. “It is fun, light and bursting full of summer!”

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