5 Fast Facts about actor Tarik Ellinger

TARIK ELLINGER is set to appear as Ethan on the new series LOVE, Victor which will be released on HULU later this year. He is also known for the award winning web series THE DIVISION and the horror feature CARNEVILLE. His latest theatrical project FISH HEAD is receiving rave reviews from critics.

Tarik is studying Film/Cinema Arts to learn every aspect of the industry. Tarik’s first festival entry “THE LIBRARY” is a horror short that he wrote, directed, edited and starred in and won Outstanding Sound Design as well as People’s Choice.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Tarik!

tarik featured

He’s got one showbiz moment which really stands out for him.

Making jokes and goofing around with Blake Shelton on the set of his Christmas Special.

He’s grumpy in the morning.

I want to try to be more of a morning person and get up in a better mood.

He thinks THIS is the biggest negative pressure for teens these days:

Social Media. People can make others feel bad about themselves and compare each other and compete for attention. I personally stay positive with my posts and comments and I would never use it to put down others.

He is sporty.

I play competitive volleyball.

His top 3 songs at the moment:

“P2” by Lil Uzi, “We are Young” by Fun, “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye


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