5 Fast Facts about actor Travis Bryant

Travis Bryant is an American actor who you might recognize from the CW’s supernatural series Legacies or Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Kid Danger, BET’s American Soul, YouTube RED’s digital series Weird City, as well as Sofia the First as fan-favorite character Tyler in Season 4.

His latest is the faith-based film ‘Breakthrough’ starring Marcel Ruiz, Topher Grace, and Chrissy Metz which just became available on BluRay and DVD on July 16th and can also be found on most digital platforms for download and purchase. He also resumes shooting on Legacies in Atlanta soon.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Travis!

travis bryant

His show was nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

Honestly being a part of two projects that I’ve been passionate about for the past two years and seeing them both get the recognition they deserve, as well as to be so well received by the fans to be nominated for #TeenChoiceAwards is pretty rewarding in itself.

There is one kindergarten lesson which still holds true for him today.

The golden rule: treat others the way you wish to be treated. I’m a huge believer in energy and I believe that the energy we put out in the world has a unique way of finding its way back to us in a full circle kind of way. So simply putting kindness and positivity in the world is the most efficient way to receive it back and I’d try to exemplify that in my actions and in everything that I do. 

He’s the guy you always complain about regarding texting.

For as often as I am on my phone, I suck at texting a response to people. My friends, my costars, and even my family is always getting onto me about how I need to be better at replying to people’s messages. 

Be flexible and do what you say if you want to be his pal.

Hypocrisy and people who are unwilling to change are both kinda tied up there in my top 2 pet peeves but they also go hand in hand with each other. 

One food he refuses to eat is ___?

Octopus, thank u next. 


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