5 Fast Facts about actress & fashion designer Adrianna Aloni

13-year-old Adrianna Aloni is an actress, model and fashion designer. She made a splash at her first runway show as a designer this year for her line Thread Cred Street Wear.

Credits include Netflix’s “Daredevil” and Orange is the New Black”. She also recently booked a national PSA for MTV’s Truth Campaign.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Adrianna!

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She is super young but already had her designs showcased at a very pretigious event!

Working on my first line for NYFW was extremely stressful but so rewarding once it was happening.

Despite a sophisticated fashion sense, she still goes back to one basic piece of attire.

I love oversized sweatshirts. I live in them!

Her best friends love THIS about her:

I am a loyal friend. When I am your friend, I’m there for you 100%

She has driven some fast vehicles!

I enjoy racing cars and riding motorcycles. I’m kind of a speed demon.

If someone made a song about her life, it would be called:

Thats a good question…I would have to say, “She’s Different.”

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