5 Fast Facts about Actress Georgia T. Willow

Georgia T. Willow (@georgiatwillow) is teen actress who has appeared on ABC’s drama For the People as well as Comedy Central’s Another Period and MTV’s Faking It. (and many more!) Her passion for acting allows her to work on projects that bring awareness to social injustices where she is able to build relationships with charitable foundations that help with the rehabilitation and rescuing of sex trafficking victims.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Georgia!

georgia t willow

Sex trafficking awareness is important to her.

My “biggest” project to date has to be tied between the two sex trafficking awareness projects I worked on! Lost Girls: Angie’s story is a feature film, and Milkshake Girls is a short film, and they are both in post-production!! They were my most significant roles because they’ve meant the most to me and are not only amazing stories, but they both bring awareness to a very important issue in our society today!

She actually got fitted for dentures – but it’s not what you think.

The strangest thing to happen to me in this business so far has to be the time a played a vampire in a web series called “nosferajew.” The weirdest part was I had to be fitted for actual dentures that looked like fangs to put on top of my teeth!

She’s busy.

I have three projects coming out soon!! I have a Lifetime movie coming out this summer entitled “The Missing Sister” in which I play the missing sister. I also have the short film “Milkshake GIrls” and the feature “Lost Girls: Angie’s Story” coming out soon!

She doesn’t drive — yet.

Something people are always pretty surprised to learn about me is that I am legally an adult and yet I don’t have my drivers license, however! That actually will change this summer as I’ll have to get myself to college one way lol!

She is not fond of allium cepas. Read below to find out what that is!

One food I refuse to eat is ONIONS!!!


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