5 Fast Facts about actress Isabella Crovetti

Isabella Crovetti can be seen next starring alongside Jeffrey Tambor and Adam DeVine in Disney +’s Magic Camp.

She is best known for voicing Vampirina (aka “Vee”) in Disney Junior’s “Vampirina” and voices ‘Shine” in Nickelodeon’s “Shimmer and Shine.” She recently wrapped filming the dramedy “Rita”, opposite Lena Headey for Showtime.

While she may be young, that has never stopped her from reaching the goals she has set out for herself. She is able to maintain her honor roll status in school all while continuing to land rolls working alongside well-known celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Lauren Graham, Wanda Sykes, James Van Der Beek, Melissa McCarthy, Lenny Venito and Debby Ryan.

When the LA native is not working on roles such as the Young Jennifer Lawrence in David O. Russel’s Golden Globe-nominated feature film, “Joy” or Gracie Bowman in USA’s “Colony”, you can find Isabella competing in the Junior Olympics for cross country, playing guitar, baking, or participating in several musicals throughout the year.

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She’s got some great on-set stories.

Oh goodness, there are so many. I have three – I would have to say being taught the correct way to file my nails by Jennifer Lawrence working on the set of Joy. Hanging with my brothers on the set of Big Little Lies and talking to Meryl, Nicole, and Reese. Lastly, we did this amazing action sequence on the 3rd season of Colony, and we had to learn to do stunts. There were pyrotechnics and a ton of action. That was so fun to shoot.

One of her “mess-ups” in an audition actually got her the job!

Hmmm- So one of the first mess-ups I made as an actor was during an audition. I was auditioning for The Neighbors. There were a ton of people in the room, casting, producers, and the creator of the show Dan Fogelman. I was doing a scene where I was yelling at my brother. I got so caught up in the emotion of my character, and I forgot my line. My mom taught me early on that you never break character if you drop a line. So staying in character, and without looking at Dan, I threw my arm out and pointed at him and screamed at him “line” !!!!! He exploded into laughter, fed me the line, and I continued on yelling at my “brother” in the scene. After the audition, I was annoyed with myself, but apparently, Dan thought it was hysterical called my agent and sent them my audition tape so they could watch it, and that is how I booked The Neighbors. It was a mistake at the time I felt was bad, but sometimes mistakes are meant to happen.

She really knows magic thanks to the film!

The scene where we get sprayed by the skunk was so fun to shoot. The spray was actually Lime-Aid, and when we fell backward, we all had to fall back onto mats. We were all laughing and having a ton of fun shooting that scene. The Lucky Charms scene was also one of my favorite scenes to shoot. We only had one try to get it correct. When the Lucky Charms came down on us, the blast was so powerful, and I almost got knocked off my feet.

Something that people might not know about Magic Camp is the magic you see is all real tricks. We had to go to magic school for a month before we started principal photography. We learned from some of the best magicians in the industry, and all the magic you see is us really performing the tricks. There were no special effects at all in the film. It’s all real magic.

Surprisingly, she is shy.

I am actually kind of shy when you meet me. I think that is one of the reasons I like acting. I get to create really fun characters that are not like me. I also play guitar and have about five guitars at home. I play and sing every day.

One food she REFUSES to eat is _______

Hmm, I love food so really that is a hard question. Well, when I was shooting in Boston, after a full day, my mom and I would go out and try a new restaurant. We went to this amazing restaurant that the AD [assistant director] suggested we go to. My mom ordered escargot and did not tell me what it was. I have been traveling and going to restaurants since I was little, so trying new foods was not new to me. I ate the escargot and loved it! Then my mom told me what it was, and I was a little grossed out. Even though I liked the escargot it took me years before I would eat it again.

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