5 Fast Facts about actress Kaylin Hayman

12-year-old actress Kaylin Hayman is best known as Blair Bennett in the hit Disney series Just Roll with It You Decide Live. Past roles include parts on One Day at a Time and The Mick.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Kaylin!

She’s on Disney Channel’s first live show.

My biggest project would have to be Just Roll With It You Decide Live because it was the first live show on Disney Channel, and I am so glad JRWI got to be the show for it. 

She stans THIS famous Amazonian.

My favorite super hero is Wonder Woman because she is a role model to younger girls and I love girl power.

Her secret makeup hack is:

My make up hack is to blend with a fluffy big brush, that way your make up doesn’t look cakey or unnatural. 

Her crew seems like a lot of fun.

My most embarrassing moment in real life was when the crew put me in times square, telling everyone that I snart (sneeze when I fart), for Just Roll With It You Decide Live

One food she refuses to eat is:


Can we please get a selfie of whatever you are doing at the moment?


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