5 Fast Facts about actress Scarlet Grace

Scarlet Grace is a teen actress who recently appeared in SONY Pictures’ Holmes and Watson in the role of “Pickle.” She attends the prestigious Arts Educational School in London where many actors have trained and successfully gone onto great careers, such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Jane Seymour, and Claire Folani.

This year, she made her directorial debut with the short film Guilt, which screened at That Film Life as part of the Cannes Film Festival this June 2019. She wrote, directed and filmed it herself!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Scarlet Grace!

scarlet grace 2

She got the chance to work on another big movie.

This month I had the opportunity to work on set of the Fast and Furious 9 at Warner Brothers in London to be released 2020!!

She’s got a transatlantic life.

I have a home in Florida and live between the States and the U.K

She doesn’t like calamari.

One food I refuse to eat is SQUID!

She most relates to your favorite teenage webslinger.

The Marvel superhero who is most like my personality is Spider Man.

She might like things a little too perfect.

One bad habit I would like to change is being too OCD.



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